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Check out the new video of “Street & Vehicle Tactics” training from InSights Training Center by watching this new video produced by Guns & Tactics Magazine.

The Street & Vehicle Tactics course will help the student develop the ability to recognize, avoid and if necessary, WIN a violent street encounter. While this unique curriculum deals with self defense while at work, on the street, at the mall, more than half of the scenario based training focuses on situations that develop in and around your vehicle.

I’ve taken this class at InSights Training Center a few times. It’s always fun, always intense and I always learn something new every time. I highly recommend this class to anyone is considering carrying a firearms or who simply want to learn practical self defense.

InSights Training Center teaches tactics that prevent confrontations: verbal skills, body language, tactical positioning, minimizing target indicators. They’ll also cover dealing with post-crisis management: security and containment, interaction with witnesses, interaction with responding emergency personnel and investigating Law Enforcement.

Many courses teach you how to shoot. The SVT course from InSights Training Center teaches you how to not have to shoot – and how to win if shooting is required.


InSights Training Center has been teaching quality, fast-paced, informative courses around the country since 1990. InSights offers the most complete self-defense, firearms, and tactical training available to the Private Sector, Law Enforcement, and Military organizations. The team at InSights Training Center has taught more than 10,000 students— private citizens, Law Enforcement officers and instructors, SWAT teams, corrections personnel, security officers, and Military Special Operations personnel.

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InSights Training Center instructors come from highly specialized backgrounds in Law Enforcement, Military Special Operations, and the Private Sector. Many are active operators with real-life combat and rescue experience. They’ve all received extensive instructor development training from Master Trainer, Greg Hamilton, in addition to high-level training from numerous national academies.

Greg (and John Holschen) are the only two-time winners in the history of the National Tactical Invitational and have been recognized as “Master Tacticians” and “Master Trainers” by the American Tactical Shooting Association. Our staff’s operational experience and teaching expertise combine to insure you a positive learning experience while increasing your personal security awareness and skills.

InSights Training Center has been recognized by numerous organizations and publications as one of the top firearms and self-defense schools in the world. We continue to offer world class training from world class instructors. We are one of the select few schools consistently designated as being among the best of the best.

Be sure to check out the other videos they have posted on the InSights Training Center YouTube page too!

Video production and photography provided by Guns & Tactics Media.