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Tactical Belt Clip System

Chris Tran talks about the Tactical Belt Clip System from 212 Tactical Designs, available at Zak Tool.

If you run with a drop leg holster, you know that most setups out there feature a plastic buckle connection, which can sometimes be prone to breaking or sometimes inadvertently detach. While researching other options for drop leg holster configurations, Chris came across a company called 212 Tactical Designs, makers of the Tactical Belt Clip System. In a nutshell, 212 Tactical has developed a lightweight steel hangar device that works very well with the Zak Tool keyring holder. When used together as a Tactical Belt Clip System, it offers a simple, modular, fast, and durable solution for just about any configuration of drop leg gear.

Photo by David Thorson, Tracerx Photography for Guns & Tactics Magazine

We really like this piece of kit and think you will, too. Check them out at and on Facebook at

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