In this episode, John Holschen of InSights Training Center talks to us about the characteristics of the “handgun grip.”

About John Holschen

John Holschen served for over 20 years in the Special Operations and Intelligence branches of the U.S. Army. His military experience includes tours as an Operations Security Platoon Sergeant, Special Forces Operational Detachment; Intelligence Sergeant, Weapons Sergeant, Medical Sergeant and as a Senior Instructor at the U.S. Army J.F.K. Special Warfare Center and School.

For the past 10 years John has alternated operational and training positions on various U.S. Government projects with security assessment and management positions in the private sector.

His instructional experience includes the design and presentation of firearms and tactical training programs tailored for private citizens, corporate, military, government and law enforcement personnel.

John is a three-time winner of the National Tactical Invitational, has placed among the top 5 practitioners each year that he has participated (9 times) and has been named a “Master Instructor” and “Master Tactician” by the American Tactical Shooters Association.

John’s recent experience includes tours in the Middle East as a protective security specialist and as a security manager for U.S. government facilities. John has authored a number of analytical reports that discuss the training and tactics of international terrorists.

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Filmed at West Coast Armory North


Produced by Jae Gillentine




  1. How do you hold your piztil like that when the slide cycles in the military I saw a few folls try that ended with thumb ripped open

  2. Gary,
    I shot about 8000 rounds with that grip last year, down from the >15K I ran for quite a few years. No malfunctions (other than a couple ammo related) and no problems with my thumbs. 🙂

    By the way my thumb position is in no way unique. Look at videos of many of the top shooters and you will see the same or very similar thumb position.

    Stay ready,
    John Holschen

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