Tactical Pens for Self Defense

We’re always on the lookout for personal defense tools and devices that are easily concealable and otherwise undetected as a weapon. Recently we decided to take a look at a few tactical pens to find which ones we liked best.

Our first notable stop via the Google results was www.tacticalpens.net, where we found in-depth reviews of most tactical pens on the market today. You’ll find good information here, accompanied by quality photos and some video reviews. The operator of this website is a self-proclaimed military pen collector and has done a great job with the reviews. This is definitely a resource to check if you’re not sure which tactical pen is right for you.

It’s important to know your budget before you set out to buy a tactical pen. Prices range from as low as $13 all the way up to and above $250. Regardless of price, we think these pens are a great personal carry tool that can be taken anywhere. This author is especially fond of tactical pens as a personal carry-on item when traveling by airplane. Not only is it useful as a pen, it also provides a level covert comfort as a potential self-defense weapon when traveling on strange lands.

If you can’t have your gun or your knife, at least have a flashlight and a tactical pen!

While we’ve not had the opportunity to demo any of these tactical pens yet, we do have some favorites picked out. And, the SureFire® EWP Pen Series is at the top of our list. Known for outstanding products and manufacturing, the EWP is available in four styles that range from $95 to $130 USD.

SureFire tactical pens features include a rugged aerospace-grade aluminum body anodized to military specifications, a virtually indestructible pocket clip with SureFire logo and a tough window breaker tailcap for emergency use. These pens come with a Schmidt ink cartridge and adjusts to accept most ink cartridges. SureFire tactical pens are made in the U.S.A. with imported ink cartridges.

Next on the list is Tuff-Writer Pens, Inc. based in Phoenix, AZ. Tuff-Writer understands that people often depend on their tools for their lives. This is precisely why they claim to manufacture the world’s toughest pens, always formally abusing each new model as part of an intensive field testing program. Tuff-Writer features include knurling for secure grip; one end rounded, one pointed, for defense versatility; a hard anodized finish, making them rock-hard and durable; and Space Pen cartridges for versatile writing capabilities. Even in the most harsh conditions, Tuff-Writer pens stand apart from the competition as not only a fine writing instrument, but as well as an essential piece of personal defense gear. Prices range from $80 up to $250 USD.

Obviously top gear costs top dollar, but there are some fantastic tactical pens on the market for much less than these more expensive models. One of our favorite pens on the opposite end of the budget spectrum is the Smith & Wesson M&P Tactical Pen. Machined out of 6061 aircraft aluminum, the M&P comes with a pocket clip and end-cap laser engraved with S&W and M&P logos. The cap easily snaps on and off with no twisting required. The S&W tactical pen uses Parker and Hauser ink cartridges which are available at most office supply stores. Best of all, this pen retails for under $40 USD.

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Another great pen to fit your budget is the well-known UZI Tactical Defender Pen with DNA Catcher and Cuff Key, or the UZI Tactical Defender Pen with Glass Breaker and Cuff Key. One of the most unique features of this pen is the UZI DNA Catcher on the crown of the pen. This sharpened crown can be used to jab or poke an attacker, not only causing extreme pain, but also collecting the aggressor’s DNA for future identification. The UZI Tactical Pen is made from high-grade aircraft aluminum and is available in Black Gunmetal Gray and retails for $25 USD.

There are several other tactical pen options available from many recognized brands. With so many variants to choose from, one should take the time to read reviews and research what works best for not only your budget, but for your practical tactical needs as well.

Already using a tactical pen? Leave us a comment and tell us what you like.