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The QA: June 2017

For this QA, we answer your questions on Piston vs. Direct Impingement ARs, Carry Ammo, Ongoing Training for the Permit to Carry Holder, Rifle Setup, and More! Read more

Inline Fabrication: Reloading Made Simpler

Jody Lewis takes a look at streamlining your reloading to provide better ergonomics and improved performance. Read more

Unleash The Beast In Your Rifle

We take a look at ammunition maker Gorilla to learn about what makes their ammo top of the tier. Read more

Loading for the Semi-Precision Rifle

We take a look at some of the popular ways to prime your brass and add the powder charge for our ladder test. The right answer here will bring us one step closer to the perfect round for our gun. Read more

Cooking up some loads for the Semi-Precision rifle shooter

Reloading is a lot like cooking. You find a recipe, try it, and either throw it out, or tweak it to your liking. When building up your first custom built piece of ammo, its the same thing. Read more
PDX1 Defender, Winchester Ammunition

PDX1 Defender from Winchester Ammunition

The PDX1® Defender™ line from Winchester Ammunition is the industry's most complete and innovative line of ammunition for personal defense. PDX1 Defender handgun ammunition, which utilizes the same bullets as Winchester’s law enforcement ammunition in service with the FBI, has become the ammunition of choice for many law enforcement agencies. Read more

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