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Blue Lakes Ammunition: First Look at Remanufactured 9mm

Other than time and motivation, cost is typically the third prohibitive factor to buying quantities of ammunition to go out and train. To mitigate this issue, shooters will often scour the Internet looking for the best deals on bulk ammunition, turn to reloading, or start buying ammunition of dubious quality. Read more
May 9, 2015 Posted by jhouse in blog

'Very Important We Keep Our Ammunition Ready' Says The Who's Pete Townshend

Rollingstone recently published an interview with Pete Townshend of The Who. Pete gives an interesting take on defending oneself. Read more

The Equipment to Load

We continue on with a relatively in depth view of creating a custom load that matches your own gun, and enjoying the stress killing activity that is hand loading. Read more
June 11, 2013 Posted by Editor in blog

Allegiance Ammunition Offers Projectiles for Re-loading

Allegiance Ammunition has released their new PowerStrike ammunition components Read more
April 27, 2012 Posted by Editor in blog

Federal Premium Ammunition Celebrates Birthday – 90 Years of Conservation & Supporting Shooting Sports

Federal Premium Ammunition celebrates its 90th birthday on April 27th, having evolved into one of the world’s major producers of sporting ammunition and a trusted partner to shooters around the world. Read more
PDX1 Defender, Winchester Ammunition

PDX1 Defender from Winchester Ammunition

The PDX1® Defender™ line from Winchester Ammunition is the industry's most complete and innovative line of ammunition for personal defense. PDX1 Defender handgun ammunition, which utilizes the same bullets as Winchester’s law enforcement ammunition in service with the FBI, has become the ammunition of choice for many law enforcement agencies. Read more

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