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Tag: competition


Faxon Firearms GUNNER Barrel: Cost Efficient, Practical, and Lightweight

The GUNNER barrel is a lightweight, balanced, versatile barrel designed for field, competition, and defense. The ultimate general-purpose barrel. Read more

3-Gun Nation Wants You in The Game!

3-Gun Nation President Pete Brown talks with Joshua Haarbrink about changes to the organization, membership growth and international development for the exciting sport of 3-gun competitive shooting. Read more

Crimson Trace Presents the 2nd Annual Midnight 3-Gun Invitational

Guns and Tactics Magazine heads to the high deserts of central Oregon for the world's only midnight 3-gun competition: the Crimson Trace Midnight 3-Gun Invitational. Read more

5 Mindset Tips and Tricks for Practice and Competition

Gabby Franco shares 5 Mindset tips and tricks for building your competitive edge. Read more
March 14, 2012 Posted by Editor in blog

Randi Rogers Joins Comp-Tac Victory Gear

Randi Rogers, a marketing professional and world-class competition shooter, has joined Comp-Tac Victory Gear as Marketing and Sales Manager. Read more
March 12, 2012 Posted by Editor in blog

Clint Upchurch, Colt sponsored 3-gun shooter, on NBC Sports Network show “Hot Shots"

Clint Upchurch, Colt’s Manufacturing Company LLC’s sponsored 3-gun shooter, will be featured on the NBC Sports Network show “Hot Shots.” Read more

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