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Tag: Firearms News

FN FNS-9 is 2012 On Target Editors’ Choice Award Winner

FNH USA is awarded the 2012 On Target Editors’ Choice Award for the new FN FNS-9 striker-fired pistol. Read more

Ruger Named "Manufacturer of the Year" for Sixth Year in a Row

Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. receives sixth consecutive Firearms Manufacturer of the Year award from National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesalers Read more

ArmaLite announces new AR-10 Law Enforcement Carbine in .308

ArmaLite has long been known for its LE carbines chambered in .223/5.56X45mm NATO. Now comes an LE firearm with the added stopping power of the .308 cartridge. Read more

ArmaLite Introduces .416 Barrett version of AR-50A1 Rifle

ArmaLite’s introduces new high-precision rifle similar to the AR-50A1, but chambered and re-barreled to accept the .416 Barrett cartridge. Read more
Photo Credit: STICKMAN

Tactical News Magazine - International English Edition

Guns & Tactics has traveled the world to build relationships and discover new content to deliver to our fans, subscribers, and readers. Please give a warm welcome as we now introduce our latest publication and partnership venture, Tactical News Magazine - International English Edition! Read more

Caracal Safety Warning and Recall Update

Caracal USA issues a communication update to inform customers of recall turnaround period and introduces "Loyalty Package" or refund options. Read more

FAB Defense Offers Free GL-MAG M4 Survival Stocks

The Mako Group distributes the GL-MAG M4 Survival Stock in the USA to ensure that law enforcement, military units, sportsmen and home defenders always have at least ten extra rounds of ammo in hand. Read more

Desktop Wallpaper from STICKMAN

Looking to personalize your desktop with a little gun related bling? Look no further as you discover this next series of desktop background imagery from STICKMAN. Read more

Steyr Arms to Publicly Unveil New AUG/A3

Steyr Arms to Publicly Unveil New AUG/A3 and will Host Wes Doss' Bullpup Tactics Seminar at 2012 Bullpup Shoot Read more
SR-25 Magazine Compatible Lower Upgrade To The SCAR-17

SR-25 Magazine Compatible Lower Upgrade To The SCAR-17

Handl Defense, LLC has developed the SCAR25, the first SR-25/M110 magazine compatible; billet aluminum lower upgrade for the SCAR-17. Their revolutionary design elevates the SCAR-17 to supreme battle rifle status. Read more

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