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Tag: John Holschen

Memorial Day

Remembering those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. Thank you! You will never be forgotten! Read more

Tactical Apparel - Tactical Moment #12

In this episode of Tactical Moment, John Holschen and special guest Dave Rhoden present the latest tactical apparel from 5.11 Tactical. Read more

Effective Shot Placement

In Tactical Moment #10, John Holschen discusses defensive shooting aiming points and target zones for effective shot placement. Tactical Moment is presented by Trijicon and sponsored by 5.11 Tactical. Read more

Stoppages - Tactical Moment #9

In Tactical Moment #9, John Holoschen demonstrates how to manage a firearms stoppage by applying the immediate action technique. Read more

Optimized Use of Cover - Tactical Moment #8

In this episode of Tactical Moment, John Holschen demonstrates techniques for optimizing the use of cover to win the gunfight without getting shot. Read more

Online Training with "Priorities of Survival" Webinar

InSights Training Center Launches New Weekly Webinar Series. Read more

Drawing From Concealment II - Tactical Moment #7

John Holschen demonstrates a technique for drawing from concealment when wearing a bottom-opening garment. Read more

Drawing from Concealment - Tactical Moment #6

In this latest episode of Tactical Moment, John Holschen discusses drawing from concealment. Read more

Interview with John Holschen

In this special episode of Tactical Moment, John Holschen talks to us about the GLOCK pistol and Trijicon sights he shoots. Read more

Movement - Tactical Moment #5

In episode five of this series, John Holschen of InSights Training Center talks with us about movement. Read more