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The Daily Arsenal of the Armed Citizen

Our world is shifting- changing and burning in new and unprecedented ways. The past few months alone we have seen the tragic attacks in Paris and San Bernardino. All of a sudden, armed citizens are watching the face of potential conflict rapidly changing- a six-shot revolver simply doesn't cut it anymore, and many gun owners have begun to carry intermediate- or duty-size handguns as their daily conceal carry gun. Read more

Staying Sharp with the Seattle Edge

Chris Tran interviews Albert Edmonds of Seattle Edge, world-class knife and tool sharpening. Read more

U.S. Elite Debuts Limited Edition Custom Knife On Veterans Day

Rustick Knives and U.S. Elite partnership debuts "The Kraken" limited edition custom knife. Only 11 knives to become available on Veterans Day. Read more

AOV Knife – Limited Edition from Silynx

Buy one of these tough American made knives and we will contribute a portion to The Navy Seal Foundation and Special Operations Warrior Foundation. Read more

Extrema Ratio Shrapnel OG – Short, Sharp and Simple

In this Guns & Tactics review, we introduce you to a design that belongs to one of the youngest knife making branches – the “backup knife”. Read more

Camillus CUDA Bolt Folding Knife

The new CUDA Bolt folding Knife is an attractive contemporary looking folder that features lightweight aircraft aluminum alloy body with a black G-10 bolster. Read more

Interview with Fox Kinves USA

Sharing a manufacturing space with Blade-Tech Industries, the companies work together to deliver fine products to shared clients expecting the very best tools. Read more

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