Tribe One Tie-down and Load Securement Solutions

Almost all of us in the tactical field drool over the latest gear and accessories for everything from weapons to clothing, and many of us are self-proclaimed pack-junkies quick to snatch up the latest in rucksack and tactical bag options (although whether or not we actually have anything to put in that bag yet can sometimes be irrelevant.) While we typically pay careful consideration to the pockets, load capacity, weatherproofing and any number of features that a pack may boast, we inevitably end up slapping on 100 MPH tape, bungees, paracord, zip-ties and even rubber bands to get our load-out right where we want it. One challenge that is often difficult to overcome, however, is a lack of anchor points. D-rings and webbing occasionally fit the need of securing gear that can’t be thrown in a bag or need to be readily accessible, but there just never seems to be enough of them to go around.

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