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Tag: military photos

March 30, 2014 Posted by Editor in blog

Duane Erickson: Tactical Photographer

Duane Erickson is a Tactical Portrait Photographer and our newest Contributor to Guns & Tactics Magazine. Get to know Duane in this introductory article featuring a few of his favorite images. Read more

Photo of the Day: M240B

A pair of M240B machine guns wait to be fired by British Soldiers with the 3rd Battalion, the Mercian Regiment, based in Fallingbostel, Germany at the Joint Multinational Training Command's Grafenwoehr Training Area. Read more
October 8, 2012 Posted by Editor in blog

Photo of the Day: 3rd Infantry Division's K-9 unit

The military working dogs, from 3rd Infantry Division's K-9 unit, are used for various purposes including sniffing for explosive residue and protect military personnel. Read more

Photo of the Day: SOG Entrenching Tool

We know one thing, when you need to move sand, dirt or snow you wish you had that shovel close at hand. Read more

US Military Photos of Guns

We love checking out the latest gun photos as we check the world wide web each day for the latest firearms news and headlines. Lately, we've been surfing the US Military's photostreams. With lots of gun photos and images of operational activities, it's easy yo get a real understanding of what it might be like to serve in today's armed services. Read more

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