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Seattle Gun Tax Challenged by Second Amendment Foundation, NRA, and NSSF

Seattle passed a "Gun Violence Tax" on August 10th which taxed firearms and ammunition bought within the city limits. The Second Amendment Foundation, along with the National Rifle Association and National Shooting Sports Foundation, filed a motion for summary judgement in their lawsuit. What this means is that the plaintiffs have shown that the law passed by Seattle violates the state's preemption law. Essentially, Seattle can't pass laws more restrictive than Washington State law. Read more

2014 NSSF SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Nevada

The 36th Annual SHOT Show presented by the National Shooting Sports Foundation is fast approaching with the coming of the new year. With attendance doubling over the last 10 years, the 2014 SHOT Show is likely to break new records yet again. Read more
January 7, 2013 Posted by Editor in blog

Ram Truck Brand Returns as Official Truck of SHOT Show

The National Shooting Sports Foundation® (NSSF®) and the Ram Truck brand have announced an agreement that makes Ram the official truck of the 2013 SHOT Show Read more
Photo courtesy of Action Target / Provo, Utah
April 9, 2012 Posted by Editor in blog

NSSF Invites Shooting Ranges to Apply for $400,000 in Grants

The National Shooting Sports Foundation invites public and private shooting facilities to apply for up to $400,000 in grants that can assist in developing strategies to put more target shooters on their firing lines. Read more
March 28, 2012 Posted by Editor in blog

‘Where2Shoot’ iPhone App Finds Shooting Ranges Near You

NSSF has announced the launch of “Where2Shoot,” a mobile app now available for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Read more

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