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Desktop Wallpaper from STICKMAN

Looking to personalize your desktop with a little gun related bling? Look no further as you discover this next series of desktop background imagery from STICKMAN. Read more
SR-25 Magazine Compatible Lower Upgrade To The SCAR-17

SR-25 Magazine Compatible Lower Upgrade To The SCAR-17

Handl Defense, LLC has developed the SCAR25, the first SR-25/M110 magazine compatible; billet aluminum lower upgrade for the SCAR-17. Their revolutionary design elevates the SCAR-17 to supreme battle rifle status. Read more
Model: Taylor Daniels

Tactical Girls 2013 Calendar

The Tactical Girls calendar brings you 13 months of beautiful women with some of the world's most exotic weaponry in realistic tactical settings. Read more Lessons Are Narrated in Spanish Now

The hunter safety course available at now offers professional narration in Spanish. Read more
Photographer credit: Brian Martin, Guns & Tactics

Gear Review: 5.11 Tactical Field Ops Watch

Preferred by police and tactical operators throughout the industry, the 5.11 Field Ops watch remains a bang-for-the-buck when it comes to a functional, reliable timepiece rugged enough to land with you in any battle. Read more
Photo by Brian Martin, Guns & Tactics
August 29, 2012 Posted by Editor in blog

The Rainier Arms Urban Carbine (RUC™)

We love gun porn and we’re not ashamed of it! In fact, we set out today armed with a Canon 7D and some of the latest hardware available form Rainier Arms to create your next dose of carefully concocted Guns & Tactics porn imagery. Read more
SafeGuard ARMOR™ level II “Stealth” vest
August 27, 2012 Posted by brian in blog

SafeGuard ARMOR™ "Stealth" Bullet Proof and Stab Resistant Vest

Ever wonder what it's like to get shot in the chest while wearing a bulletproof vest? If so, then you’re just the guy for our next set of controlled tests! But, until then let's take a quick look at the new SafeGuard ARMOR™ level II “Stealth” ballistic vest. Read more
August 10, 2012 Posted by Editor in blog

Aimpoint Micro H1 and T1 Optics

Fast target acquisition is easy when you're shooting with an Aimpoint Micro H1 or T1 optics. Or, maybe you prefer the patrol rifle scope? In this interview, Jeff Brooks of Aimpoint gives us a preview into the the company's hot products for the year. Read more
August 8, 2012 Posted by Editor in blog

Burris Expands the Eliminator Family of Scopes

Burris Eliminator family of scopes will now include three new models: 4x-16x-50mm Eliminator III, 4x-12x-42mm Eliminator II and Eliminator 3.5x-10x-40mm. These models are in addition to the original 4x-12x-42mm Eliminator. Read more
August 6, 2012 Posted by Editor in blog

Core15 Rifle Systems Bluegrass Armory "Moonshiner"

Introducing the Moonshiner bolt action rifle chambered in .308 Winchester, .300 Winchester Magnum and.338 Lapua from Core15 Rifle Systems and Bluegrass Armory. Read more

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