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Tag: safety

Fireworks, Range Gear, and Family

With Independence Day approaching it’s time to stock up on burgers, hot dogs and fireworks. In this article, Doug shares his recommendation to keep kids safe while detonating your celebratory munitions. Read more

Tactical Parent's New Year's Checklist

In this article, Doug shares an annual checklist which can be used to ensure things perform as expected when we need them the most. Read more

Tactics for a Safe Halloween

Halloween is a great holiday where fantasy comes to life and everyone can be a child again. In this article, Doug shares his advice for making your Halloween safe both at home and while out with your little goblins. Read more

Bugging Out: Your Family’s Checklist

Not every “bug out” scenario your family may face will start with a natural disaster or civil unrest. Preparing for those scenarios, however, will ensure you and your family have a smooth and efficient transition out of your home, whatever the situation, when the moment comes. Read more

The Tactical Parent.
What It Is and What It’s Not.

Doug has a diverse background, both professionally and privately, in firearms, self-defense, and tactics... but most importantly, he’s a tactical parent. Read more

Recalls in the Firearms Industry

A closer look at recalls in the firearms industry with expert, Wes Doss Read more
Visual Screening for Concealed Handguns, Firearms and Weapons

Visual Screening for Concealed Handguns, Firearms and Weapons

The U.S. Secret Service identified the following visual cues indicating a person may be carrying a concealed weapon. Read more

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