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The Handl Experiment Part 2

Steve Coulston continues the discussion with Alan Handl and the Handl SCAR project. Part 2 of 2. Read more

Simple Upgrades that will make any SCAR more functional

Designed primarily for the military, the SCAR is a fantastic weapon with great form and function providing built in ambidextrous controls. So why tinker with it? Because, there is always room for improvement. Read more

All SCAR'd Up

Upgrading the SCAR 16 with the Geissele Super SCAR Trigger pack. Read more
May 21, 2013 Posted by Editor in blog

Molon Labe Industries Now Shipping its Patent Pending SCARmag

At half the weight of a factory FN SCAR magazine, the SCARmag will prove to be a great advancement in the world of FN SCAR magazines. Read more

Blanca: Guns & Tactics Model

When it comes to hot girls, fast cars and cool guns, we know what we like best! Meet Blanca, our new Guns & Tactics Magazine model and brand representative. Read more
SR-25 Magazine Compatible Lower Upgrade To The SCAR-17

SR-25 Magazine Compatible Lower Upgrade To The SCAR-17

Handl Defense, LLC has developed the SCAR25, the first SR-25/M110 magazine compatible; billet aluminum lower upgrade for the SCAR-17. Their revolutionary design elevates the SCAR-17 to supreme battle rifle status. Read more

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