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Tag: suppressor

June 12, 2015 Posted by jhouse in blog

Suppressor and Firearm Transfer Executive Order Blocked by US House

Obama Suppressor and Firearm Executive Order Stopped by US House Read more
January 8, 2013 Posted by Editor in blog

MasterPiece Arms Announces Four New Sound Suppressors

New Sound Suppressors for the 5.56mm/.223, 300aac Blackout/.308 (7.62), 9mm and .45 ACP Made Entirely at the US MasterPiece Arms State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Facility Read more

The Silencerco 5.56 Saker

After SilencerCo introduced the 5.56 Saker at last year’s Shot Show, the innovative suppressor is in full production and will be on store shelves soon Read more

Chasing the Truth About Supressors and Accuracy

The next time you’re out and/or sitting around drinking with your buddies and feel the need to stir up some controversy, throw out this question: Will adding a suppressor to your weapon affect its accuracy? Read more