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Tag: tactics

Real-Life Concealed Carry Encounter

Jody Lewis finds himself in the action as he confronts robber at gun point. Read how Jody reflects on the lessons realized from this experience. Read more

Introducing Best Hunters Team from Poland

Best Hunters Team debuts from Poland with new promo video produced by TACOPS MEDIA partners, Designed to Fight. Read more

Tactics for a Safe Halloween

Halloween is a great holiday where fantasy comes to life and everyone can be a child again. In this article, Doug shares his advice for making your Halloween safe both at home and while out with your little goblins. Read more
August 20, 2013 Posted by Editor in blog

The Flashlight: An Effective Tool for Self-Defense

A flashlight is not only an effective deterrent, it can be an essential part of an everyday carry kit. Read more

Train to Win! Expect to Win!

Part III in a series of posts from Khyber's Wes Doss on the realities of training Read more

The Training World vs. The Real World

The fact is the environment and the limitations of many popular training programs reflects little of what really exists in the real world, thus giving an altered impression of reality and what to expect in the event of a real fight. Read more

Lights, Sights & Lasers in Las Vegas

Wes Doss delivers FREE training to Law Enforcement Officers Read more
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Tactical Reload - Tactical Moment #4

In episode four of this series, John Holschen of InSights Training Center presents the proper technique for an efficient tactical reload. Read more

The "Ready" Position - Tactical Moment #3

Tactical Moment, episode 3 title "ready position" was just released at The series features well-known instructor John Holschen, of InSights Training Center. Read more

Front Sight Video - Tactical Moment #2

In this episode, John Holschen of InSights Training Center talks to us about the characteristics of the "sights." Read more