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Photo Credit Jody Lewis, Crossfire Photography

Taking the Tavor Trigger One Step Further

Perfecting the Tavor with the Geissele Lightning Bow Trigger.

I likely never would have bought a Tavor if it wasn’t for Steve Coulston. Man that guy has everything. In all seriousness. I am on my third Tavor and absolutely love it. I have one in 9mm and two in 556, with the hopes of making one a 300 AAC someday.

All of my Tavors have the Geissele Super Sabra Trigger Pack installed, which is a night and day upgrade over the stock trigger pack. Nothing like taking the trigger pull from 11+ pounds down to 4+ pounds.

That being said, Geissele has one-upped themselves with the addition of the Lightning Bow Trigger which was designed to replace the factory trigger bow.

Photo Credit Jody Lewis, Crossfire Photography

The Lightning Bow in addition to the trigger pack makes for a combo that is unstoppable, although the bow does not require a trigger pack change and will work with other trigger packs on the market.

The Lightning Bow Trigger is precision machined from precipitation hardened 17-4 and is designed to replace the standard trigger in IWI Tavor rifles. Once installed, the Sabra Lightning Bow is adjustable via a setscrew that removes the “slack” that is inherently found in the trigger mechanism of those rifles. By removing the slack, the trigger pull is instantly transformed into a feel that is much more familiar to that of an M4 Carbine.

Pairing the Sabra Lightning Bow with a Super Sabra Trigger Pack will result in a pull that is truly two-stage and has a match grade feel.

Photo Credit Jody Lewis, Crossfire Photography


Installation is not for the faint at heart. It requires patience and the proper tools. If you have both of those, it is a breeze.

Installing the Bow requires the removal of your barrel along with the top rail and factory trigger bow.

I won’t bore you with the details in this article, but I will tell you the tool list:

  • Barrel Removal Tool
  • Punch
  • Hammer
  • Allen Wrenches
  • Flashlight

    When Geissele says this combo makes for a true two-stage match trigger, they were not messing around. This trigger is second-to-none on any other bullpup on the market, well maybe the Desert Tech SRS, but that is a $6000 weapon.

    The Lightning Bow coupled with the Super Sabra pack is truly unbeatable in the Tavor. I found it to be super fast with little reset and minimal take-up.

    MSRP for the Lightning Bow is $99.

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    Photo Credit Jody Lewis, Crossfire Photography

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