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There were a lot of amazing manufactures at SHOT SHOW. I suppose that can go without saying. Booths ranged from elaborate two story structures to modest hole in the wall spaces. One of the most busy booths I ran across was the small and fairly modest Lantac USA and FrogLube booth. They were sharing a booth together and it was shoulder to shoulder every time I went down there. I visited that booth at least three times. Why you say? Well, first I am a big proponent of both FrogLube and Lantac. I use FrogLube on all my firearms and I have been nothing short of impressed every time I use the Lantac Dragon brake. Second, I really like their team. Larry Lasky is a retired SEAL Captain who served our country for 32 years. I found out after talking to him he took over as CO of Special Boat Unit 12 in 2000. That was the same year I left SBU-12 and the Navy. We passed like two ships in the night. While I never served under him, I wish I had. He is a laid back kind of guy, yet the constant professional. He is also the man to talk to when it comes to the technical specs of FrogLube and how it performs. His wife was there to and let me say, she is such a gem. The Lasky’s love their product, the firearms industry, our warfighters and this country. It was a pleasure getting to know them more on a personal level.

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During one of my visits to their booth I interviewed Larry and some guy names Chris, something or other. I think his last name was Costa…? Apparently, he is a big deal… Ok, ok all jokes aside; Chris Costa is one of the highest profile trainers in the tactical shooting world. While I have never had the opportunity to take one of his classes, I look forward to the day I can. Chris is one of the funniest guys I have ever been around. He is constantly joking and talking smack, but he knows his shit and will get down to business when it comes time to talk shop. Chris is a big proponent of FrogLube and it was nice to talk to someone who really puts firearms to the test year round in all types of conditions and get their take on a specific product.

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Some folks really like to push one product or another. However, Chris is pretty laid back about what he uses. He is not averse to saying what works for him may not work for you. He will tell you why he uses something without making you feel like a dumb ass for not using it yourself. For some reason firearms lubricant discussion can become somewhat volatile. It becomes a Chevy vs Ford or AR vs AK debate. Everyone seems to have a strong opinion on which one is the best. While Chris is a big proponent of FrogLube, he explained to me that he never pressures his students to use it. Due to the high round count in his classes, they take the time throughout the day to service their firearms, lube them up and rock on. Many students that have issues with their guns running dry or seizing up ask Chris what he uses. So he tells them and lets them try some. From what I understand, there haven’t been any complaints. He lets the product speak for itself. And it does. Take a moment to watch the interview with Larry and Chris and decide for yourself. As for this Cat, I am sticking with the minty fresh smell of FrogLube. Period. If you have the chance to take one of Costa’s classes do it. As for FrogLube, give it a shot and see if it makes you a believer.

To learn more about FrogLube, visit http://www.FrogLube.com.

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Steve has been a firearms enthusiast for over 20 years and is currently an NRA lifetime member. In 1996 he joined the United States Navy and served as a Special Warfare Combat Crewman (SWCC) at Special Boat Unit 12 (Now renamed Special Boat Team 12). He made two tours during his time of service and spent most of his time in southeast Asia and the Middle Eastern theaters. Upon his Honorable Discharge in 2000, Steve spent the next 10 years earning his Masters Degree and state license as an Architect. Steve brings a unique perspective from both his tactical and design background and is a reviewer and contributor for Guns & Tactics Magazine, Defense Marketing Group and other media outlets.


  1. Great article Steve.
    I had the pleasure to attend a Costa CE2 a year and a half ago. Awesome class.

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