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June 20, 2014 Posted by Editor in blog

TaWaTec Black Titan Diver Tactical ICS

TaWaTec develops professional watches that serve as tools and whose functions go far beyond simply telling the time. These watches are intended for actual professional activities, such as military use, law enforcement, police, special operations and scientific exploration.
TaWaTec's new Swiss made Automatic Black Titan Diver Tactical ICS watch leads the newest generation of tactical watches by TaWaTec AG Biel / Bienne Switzerland. The demands for a big, yet lightweight titanium watch become realized in the new Black Titan Diver Tactical ICS.

For more than a year, the titanium watch has been field-tested by various specialists and government units. Those who wear the Titan will immediately notice the crown sits at the "9" o-clock position, a noteworthy advantage if you wear gloves. The over-sized (44mm case without crown / 48mm with crown) titanium case and titanium bezel, 300meter waterproofing and sapphire crystal are distinct characteristics of the new lightweight TaWaTec Black Titan Diver. The big dial and integrated H3 tritium illumination guarantee perfect reading of the time in virtually every condition.

The colored operational principle of the TaWaTec Automatic Black Titan Diver Tactical ICS originates from their use in instruments for air and sea-navigation.


The MSRP on the Black Titan Diver Tactical ICS runs about 503,00 EUR.

For more detailed information about the TaWaTec Black Titan Diver Tactical ICS watch, visit

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