Briefing Room

In the Briefing Room we bring it all to you. Every two weeks we cover it, from quick tips, how to's and so much more. All you have to do is hit play.

Dave’s First Precision Rifle Match

Dave goes over what he learned shooting his first precision rifle match! Check out some of the gear he used, lessons learned and prep for the match.

Basic Gun Belt Set Up

Gun Belt Set Upvideo
In this video Dave goes over a couple of his gun belts, what they are, how they are worn, what is carried and some other thoughts on the topic.

How to Clean Your AR-15

How to Clean Your ARvideo
How to Clean Your AR is the topic for todays Briefing Room. While this is a basic topic it is something we get asked about often and are happy to address.

Should You Modify a Carry Gun?

Modify Carry Gunvideo
Dave goes over some pro's and con's as well as some things to consider about altering a gun that will be carried for protection or work.

Thread locker 101