Sunday, July 23, 2017

The Briefing Room: Patrol Rifle Setup

In our previous QA we received a questions from a viewer about setting up their patrol rifle. We thought it was such a great question that we should make a video about our thoughts. In this video Dave goes over a couple...

The Briefing Room: Range Bag Must Have

In this Quick Tip we show you some elbow bags that we found at our big box sporting goods store. These pads are lightweight, inexpensive and work great for shooting. Whether you're at the range or on a stage in a match,...

The Briefing Room: How to Zero Your Pistol Red Dot

In this Briefing Room video we continue to talk about Pistol Red Dot Sights. Today we are at the range and go over how Dave zero's his pistol red dot sights. To save a little time you can co-witness the dot to the iron...

The Briefing Room: AK Elite Trigger Installation

In this video we go over the installation of the AK Elite Trigger from CMC Triggers. This trigger is amazing and a very noticeable upgrade to your AK. However, installation of the trigger isn't quite as easy as an AR so we made this...

The Briefing Room: Red Dot Pistol Mounting Options

In our continuation of the discussion of handguns equipped with small red dot sights we talk about some of the options of mounting. There are frame accessories as well as options that mount the optic to the slide. There are pros and cons to...

Ar15 Gas Buffer Basics

We received a request to talk about the gas system and buffer of the AR15. Those two parts make up a lot of the functionality of the rifle so we talk about the basics in this video. We may go in to more detail...

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