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[dcs_fancy_header color=”#000000″ fweight=”bold”]The Caracal series of pistols are extremely modern, embracing 21st Century concepts in ergonomics, design and manufacturing techniques.[/dcs_fancy_header]

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The Caracal F is a modern semi-automatic pistol in 9mmx19. It supports an 18 round magazine, a tactical rail and boasts unique features such as a short 8mm trigger pull, extremely low profile slide and bore axis, the combined effect of which is greatly reduced “felt“ recoil. The weapon is available with Caracal proprietary 2-dot or 3-dot sights or the Caracal Quick Acquisition Sight System.

[dcs_img_center desc=”Photo by Jody Lewis”
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[dcs_img_center desc=”Photo by Jody Lewis”
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Learn more at http://caracal-usa.com


Jody has been involved in firearms one way or the other for the past 20+ years. Jody holds multiple professional certifications including the NRA basic firearm instructor and RO training. When he isn’t teaching or training, he writes and photographs regularly for a number of online and print publications. Jody is an NRA Member as well as a certified S&W M&P Armorer as well as a part-time 3-gun competitor.


  1. I bought a Caracal F in October last year right before they announced the recall. I have not heard anything from Caracal about fixing the gun since November. So I’ve had the gun for 8 months and I have not been able to shoot it. When is Caracal going to fix the recalled guns??

    • Hi Wayne. We encourage you to contact Caracal’s customer service department to let them know you have a recalled pistol. Here’s the contact info we grabbed from their Facebook page, which hosts some photos of customers with replacement pistols already in hand. Good luck!

      Phone (205) 655-7050
      Email info@caracal-usa.com
      Website http://www.caracal-usa.com

    • You need to call Caracal Customer Service. I sent mine in and they sent me a new one in 3 weeks. Absolutely the best customer service by far. No other firearms manufacturer, i.e. Remington, ever offered to pay shipping both ways, a free mag, hat, t-shirt and 15% off coupon. They even called to tell me when they were sending UPS.

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