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Photo by Jody Lewis for Guns & Tactics Magazine

The Future's So Bright

Lighting up the future with Elzetta’s Alpha, Bravo and Charlie models for 2014. Own the darkness with these great new products.

Elzetta has been making some of the toughest hand held lights on the planet for the past seven years. Named in honor of a late grandmother, Elzetta continues to push the envelope in illumination technology designed for the harshest conditions. They are impact and explosion proof. These lights take serious abuse. This is due to their fully-potted electronics and solid acrylic optical lenses. The flashlights can be had in 96 different unique configurations so they can be tailored exactly the way the end user desires.

For years Elzetta lights have come in two basic body styles. The Bravo is their (2) cell model with an output of 650 lumens. Its larger brother, the Charlie model, is a (3) cell light that boasts an impressive 900 lumens of eye scorching light. Both of these models can be configured in a multitude of ways to include momentary, constant on and strobe functions, tape switches and weapons mounted to name a few.

While at SHOT 2014 I had the opportunity to talk to Dave Barnett about Elzetta and what they were releasing in 2014. He first showed me a new field replaceable diffused lens for the Bravo and Charlie models. This lens is made of the same acrylic material shark tanks are made of. Contrary to what many may think, the diffused lens doesn’t reduce the lumens. The lumens remain the same. What is affected is the candela or the brightness. Dave explains it like a fire hose that is distributing 20 GPM with different nozzle settings. For example, the nozzle can be adjusted to a stream of water or a fan of water. It is still the same GPM only distributed in a different pattern. Dave says it the same concept for the new field replaceable optical lens. Instead of a high intensity light illuminating a narrow field of view you get a softer, more even light over a much wider area. He demonstrated the differences and it was pretty amazing. There were no hot spots with the diffused lens and the light output was very impressive even in an already highly lit space.

The next 2014 offering from Elzetta really peaked my interest. While the Charlie and Bravo models are very impressive, I find they are a tad large for pocket carry on a daily basis. Enter the new Alpha model. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that if the Charlie is a (3) cell and the Bravo is a (2) cell that the new Alpha must be a (1) cell light. Indeed it is! The Alpha prototype was on hand and it is an impressive little guy. It is made with the same materials and uses the bullet proof potted electronics and acrylic lenses but in a very small, compact package that will easily fit in the front pocket of your favorite pair of Levi’s.

The Alpha will offer the same configuration as its larger siblings and feature a duel output switch. The low setting will be around 15-lumens which is perfect for way finding, reading a driver’s license, or general task lighting. The high setting is an impressive 300-lumens which is plenty bright for tactical operations, spelunking, or other adventurous activities.

The Alpha was just debuted on the Elzetta website this week. I’ll be picking up one with a pocket clip and crenelated bezel now that they’re available. The Alpha will make a very nice addition to my EDC. I’ll also be looking into getting another one with a momentary/constant high output model for a long gun light.

Before I left the Elzetta booth, I noticed a Charlie light that was in really bad shape. It looked like it had been through a blender. The finish was marred and the bezel had gouges in it. I asked Dave what the hell happened to it. He smiled, picked it up and turned on the bright white light and said, “We use this one as a hammer to pound nails.”

Check out Elzetta online at and on Facebook at

Photo by Jody Lewis for Guns & Tactics Magazine

Photo by Jody Lewis for Guns & Tactics Magazine

Photo by Jody Lewis for Guns & Tactics Magazine

Photo by Jody Lewis for Guns & Tactics Magazine

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