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The SIRT Training Pistol

Expand your training opportunities with the Shot Indicating Resetting Trigger (SIRT) Training Pistol from Next Level Training.


ave your heard of the SIRT training pistol, yet? The Shot Indicating Resetting Trigger (SIRT) training pistol is a safe, effective, and innovative training tool developed by shooters for shooters, to complement, not replace, live fire training. The SIRT simulates the size, weight and functional features of a Glock™ 17/22 pistol and fits into most holsters designed for these models. It’s a great tool to compliment your training agenda and the company has developed a variety of performance-based workouts to help you get the most from your investment into such a tool.

Mike Hughes | Founder and CEO, Next Level Training

Mike Hughes, who you’ve probably seen on Top Shot (Season 3 finalist), is the founder and CEO of Next Level Training, manufacturers of the SIRT. We traveled to Ferndale, Washington this week to hang out with Mike and get a first-hand look at the SIRT manufacturing operation. There are big plans in store for the SIRT pistol in 2014, including new models and refined engineering solutions that are guaranteed to help you find more ways to train and enhance your shooting abilities.

SIRT training pistols range from $235 for the polymer SIRT Performer, up to $439 for the SIRT Pro. The SIRT features a removable weighted magazine and comes configured with red and/or green shot indicating lasers and trigger prep lasers. Available colors include red, green, purple, and pink.

Want to train with your AR? No problem… NLT also offers a SIRT-AR laser bolt with a red or green laser, too. The drop-in AR laser bolt easily replaces your bolt carrier in about 20-seconds (after initial installation), allowing you to train with this technology using your own lower and upper. The red laser AR bolt retails for $139 and the green laser model retails at $199. It’s certainly worth checking out if your looking for alternative opportunities to train with your own AR.

Learn more about the SIRT training pistol and discover unique performance based training resources at

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