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Trucks, Guns, and Girls!

This week we mix it up with the Handl Defense truck, Heckler & Koch hardware and a woman who means business.

Each Friday brings the end of the week for most, but more importantly it marks the weekly range day for Guns & Tactics Magazine. This is the day we load up all the hardware, grab all our tactical gear and invite our colleagues out for a day of shooting and camera work on the range. Then, when all the work is done the real fun begins with everyone getting some well deserved trigger time on some of the most sought after weaponry available. It’s a day of excitement, celebration and shared appreciation for our Second Amendment.

Often times we invite a friend, model or public personality out to join in the fun. This time, we felt it was Britney’s turn so we scooped her up and took her to the range for what would be her first time shooting anything other than a shotgun a few years back. Needless to say, we had a blast hosting Britney at the range and taking photos of her shooting guns. The main objective was to be safe and have fun, which we all seemed to do very well.

Here’s a few photos we think you might like. Find us at to discover other photos we’ll post exclusively to our social media streams.

We’d also like to extend a sincere thanks to Handl Defense for their support, and to the Emergency Vehicle Owners & Operators Association (EVOOA) for bringing out their vehicle.

Handl Defense Truck | Heckler & Koch UMP with Aimpoint

Handl Defense Truck | Heckler & Koch UMP with Aimpoint

Handl Defense Truck | Heckler & Koch UMP with Aimpoint

CMT Tactical billet set with a Geissele Mk2 rail, an A10 Skyhawk 40mm muzzle brake and a Trijicon ACOG

Heckler & Koch MP5

Corner Shot CSM with a suppressed Glock 17

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