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WineOvation Wine Gun

The .44 Magnum of Wine Openers

I’ve opened a lot of wine bottles in my lifetime. I’m pretty good with a corkscrew and rarely break the cork. I haven’t had to push the broken cork into the bottle in awhile. [Knock on wood] That said, I don’t use a corkscrew much because there are simpler, easier ways to pull a cork. The easiest I’ve personally found is an electric version that turns the corkscrew into the cork and then pulls the cork out automatically. Easy. has three different versions of the electric corkscrew. A bowling pin, baseball bat, and my favorite, the Wine Gun.

The Wine Gun is a huge (10" X 7") revolver that comes in silver or pink. A foil cutter is included and is stored in the 'Holster'. Place the Wine Gun in the holster to recharge. It should open about 30 bottles or so before needing a reloading.

The Wine Gun has you place the barrel of the 'gun' over the neck of the bottle and then you squeeze the trigger to pull the cork. This position plus the weight of the opener lets you control the torque when opening particularily stubborn bottles.

During my testing, the Wine Gun worked well. I’d recommend it to any freedom-loving wine drinker. As far as I know, there aren’t any background checks required and it may even be legal in California and Massachusetts. Just kidding, order yours at

Check out WineOvation at, Facebook, and Instagram.

Dirty Harry would be proud.

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