FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Lubbock, TX — ZRODelta is pleased to announce the release and full production of the DLOC-SS Bipod Assembly and the DLOC-SS Upgrade Kit for Harris-S style bipods on the market. This new DLOC-SS Upgrade Kit gives millions of existing bipod owners a cost-effective way to add the quick-detach, panning and canting functionality of the complete DLOC-SS bipod assembly.

The DLOC-SS Bipod Assembly comes complete with the heavy duty Aimtech Warhammer, 6-9” notch leg bipod and ready for immediate use. The DLOC-SS mounts use the patented DLOC QD mechanism which allows single hand manipulation for quick and robust mounting to any 1913 Picatinny rail segment. The DLOC-SS also includes panning and canting features, allowing users to effectively use their bipod on the uneven surfaces found in the field environment. The DLOC-SS makes smooth target transitions over a full field of fire on uneven terrain possible.

The DLOC-SS Upgrade Kit replaces OEM mounting equipment for Harris-S style bipods. The DLOC-SS Upgrade Kit will give your Harris-S style bipod the same quick detach, panning, and canting functionality of the DLOC-SS Bipod Assembly. The DLOC-SS Upgrade Kit also includes the SARG Knob (Shooter Adjustable Rotary Grip), which gives the user the ability to easily adjust tension on the canting function of the bipod.


  • DLOC system utilizes multiple engagement points with three (3) recoil lugs
  • Heavy duty springs for solid retention and one handed manipulation
  • Assembly includes the heavy duty Aimtech Warhammer Bipod
  • Mounts to any standard M1913 Picatinny rail
  • Kit fits any standard Harris-S Style Bipod
  • Kit adds QD, Panning, and Canting functionality to your Bipod
  • Kit includes S.A.R.G Knob. (Shooter Adjustable Rotary Grip)
  • Anodized anti-reflective coating standard

DLOC-SS Bipod Assembly MSRP $269.
DLOC-SS Upgrade Kit MSRP $189.

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ZRODelta is a U.S. based manufacturer of scope mounts, tripods, and other precision shooting accessories for the firearm industry. ZRODelta licenses and manufactures all DLOC patented products in their Lubbock, Texas facility.

Jerry has been a criminal justice professional for nearly two decades. He is a self-proclaimed Second Amendment scholar, gun rights advocate, and NRA Life Member.

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