2A News – April 1st, 2018


Welcome to the April 1st, 2018 edition of 2A News. Let’s get started.

Calls to repeal the Second Amendment by the usual Marxists:

Ancient Former Supreme Court Justice Marxist

Ancient Former CNN Talk Show Host

Ancient Chairwoman of the Louisiana Democratic Party

Professional Baseball Player Needs to Shut His Piehole

Should We Surrender on Bump Stocks?

Too late! President Trump caved to his inner Common Sense Gun Laws™

But, he wants to protect the Second Amendment? Double-Speak is strong in this one.

NRA just as bad.

But, NRA PAC donations tripled in February.

Felon by Fiat? Face 10 Years In Prison If You Don’t Surrender Your Bump Stock In 90 Days

Biden Needs to Shut His Piehole.

Liberty University Gun Range Opens to Students. No Snowflakes® Allowed.

Missouri GOP Pushing to Eliminate Gun-Free Zones

Democratic Representative wants background checks to buy ammunition.

An Oath to Support and Defend the Constitution of the United States?

You can voluntarily give up your Second Amendment Right in Washington State! Their Governor is a Peach!

And finally, An Open Rant Aimed At Those Who Would Repeal The Second Amendment

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