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The Illinois Supreme Court shut down a Gun Free Zone for the Law-Abiding recently. Gun-Rights Groups (The good guys) praised the ruling and vowed to fight to abolish more Gun Free Zones for the Law-Abiding. The problem though, is that someone will have to be arrested in the Zone and the case eventually going to the Illinois Supreme Court.

Via Illinois News Network:

The ruling written by Chief Justice Lloyd Karmeier said “the most troubling aspect [of the 1,000 feet ban] is the lack of any notification where the 1,000-foot restriction zone starts and where it would end,” the ruling said. “Innocent behavior could swiftly be transformed into culpable conduct if an individual unknowingly crosses into a firearm restriction zone.”

Karmeir’s opinion said the state “conceded that an individual who lives within 1,000 feet of a public park would violate [the law] every time that individual possessed a firearm for self-defense and walked to his or her vehicle parked on a public street.

“To remain in compliance with the law, the State said that the individual would need to disassemble his or her firearm and place it in a case before entering the restricted zone,” the ruling said. “This requirement, however, renders the ability to defend oneself inoperable and is in direct contradiction” with other cases.

Outback Steakhouse tells uniformed officer that he has to leave. Recently a uniformed Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency Officer went to an Outback Steakhouse to have dinner with his wife. He was approached by the manager and asked to put his firearm in his truck. The Officer was in uniform and told the manager he couldn’t. He was then asked to leave. Apparently a person sitting across from the Officer was afraid of being shot and actually had to be escorted to their car…

I have no words to describe how disgusting this situation is.

Ban the Hoplophobes!

Via WDEF.com:

CLEVELAND, Tenn. (WDEF) – The Facebook post of a Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency officer went viral after he says he was kicked out of Outback Friday night.

He says he stopped by Outback Steakhouse to eat dinner with his wife.

Andrew Ward says he was approached by the manager and asked to put his gun in his truck.

Ward says he told her that he couldn’t because he was in uniform.

Ward posted to Facebook that she made a call and returned to the table to ask him to leave because Outback is a gun free zone.

“I don’t blame the manager… but this is ridiculous and we will never go back there ever again,” says Ward on Facebook.

Ward says “A uniformed Law Enforcement Officer who is sworn to protect and serve the public, is refused service because they have a firearm!”

He went on to say, “I am disgusted and have no other words!!!”

He later posted that Outback reached out and apologized for the incident.

Ward says that they told him, “there was another customer that was ‘scared for her life’ who was seated across from us”.

Ward went on saying that he was told that the customer stated that she was afraid because “police are shooting people.”

He was told that this customer demanded to be escorted to her vehicle, “out of fear of being shot”.

Ward says he is thankful he is “humbled” by the support he and his wife received.

Washington State is doing the right thing by not doing anything. Several anti-second amendment bills didn’t make it out of committee:


House Bill 1134/Senate Bill 5050, filed at the request of Attorney General Bob Ferguson, would have prohibited the possession, purchase, sale, or transfer of commonly owned semi-automatic rifles and standard capacity ammunition magazines holding more than ten rounds. Failed to meet committee deadline.

House Bill 2422/Senate Bill 6049, also filed at the request of Attorney General Ferguson, would have targeted standard capacity ammunition magazines by arbitrarily branding them as “Large Capacity Magazines,” and would have prohibited the possession of magazines holding more than ten rounds, with limited exceptions. Those allowed to continue possession of “Large Capacity Magazines” within the limited exceptions would be required to lock up their ammunition magazines or face criminal charges. Failed to meet committee deadline.

House Bill 2666/Senate Bill 6146 would have abolished Washington’s decades old state firearm preemption statute. The state preemption statute, passed in 1983, helps keep firearm and ammunition laws consistent throughout Washington by establishing that the State Legislature has full authority to regulate and create laws pertaining to firearms and ammunition. These statutes help prevent a confusing patchwork of gun control laws which make it difficult for gun owners to ensure that they are following the law. Failed to meet committee deadline.

Substitute Senate Bill 5463 would have created civil liability for individuals that do not lock up their firearm if it is obtained and used by a prohibited person in the commission of a crime or to cause harm or injury to another. While NRA encourages storing firearms in a manner that is appropriate for your personal situation, there is nothing in SB 5463 that would have protected individuals who had their firearms stolen or acquired by illegal entry, theft, or burglary. A firearm owner should not be held liable for the crimes committed by a prohibited person who has illegally obtained their firearm. Failed to meet committee deadline.

Senate Bill 6415 would have required individuals to ask for express consent to conceal carry a firearm at the residence of another person. Failure to obtain permission prior to entering the property would result in a misdemeanor crime. Individuals convicted of this new offense would have been required to surrender their concealed pistol license, and would have been prohibited from obtaining a CPL for five years. This vaguely drafted legislation would have targeted Washington’s law abiding CPL holders, and as drafted, could even have made it a crime for law enforcement to enter one’s property without first requesting permission to carry their firearm. Failed to meet committee deadline.

House Bill 2293 would have prohibited law-abiding individuals from being able to carry a firearm for self-defense at child day care centers and early learning facilities, with limited exceptions. Under this legislation, child care centers would have also been required to post “GUN-FREE ZONE” signs on the premises. Failed to meet committee deadline.

The List of Links:

The Arming and Disarming of Black America

A lengthy article at Slate.com(?!) describing the gun rights of former Union Soldiers and Black Americans in general after the Civil War.

California’s Ban on Gun Magazines Survives Court Challenge

Anybody surprised? Anybody?

And the list goes on…

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