2A News – March 4th, 2018


Welcome to the March 4th, 2018 edition of 2A News. Your weekly wrap up of Anti-Second Amendment gun control news and highlights.

Teenagers Who Survived Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School™ are leading the charge, calling on businesses to end ties with the NRA. This backfired on Delta Airlines, who lost a major tax-break in Georgia. Dick’s Sporting Goods announced they would stop selling Scary Black Rifles™ again and Walmart quickly cowered along. Oh wait, Walmart’s link was from 2015. They just raised the buying age to 21.

FedEx tells them to pound sand.

L.L. Bean sells guns?

President Trump playing 4D chess or open mouth – insert foot?

Dianne Feinstein trolled by the Master.

Dianne Feinsten can’t have all the fun.

Donald Trump says he would have gone in during the shooting. Stopped a mugging once.

Arming teachers? Hell yeah!

Teachers as ‘Sworn Law Enforcement’?

Mainstream Media on arming teachers? They’d get shot by the Police.

But… But… Obama!

South Carolina has the right idea.

Israel knows a thing or two about gun violence.

Loosen gun restrictions? Might work.

Good guy with a gun?

Good argument for a conspiracy.

And last but far from least:

They Don’t Hate the NRA. They Hate You.


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