Welcome to the first weekly 2nd Amendment News. Every week, Guns&Tactics wants to give you a recap (with links!) to the shenanigans the gungrabbers are trying to do to take away your 2nd Amendment rights. Remember, when they say, ‘Common Sense Gun Laws™’, they are lying.

So, let’s start off with a bill being proposed by the California Legislature:

AB1927 would allow people that are suicidal to place themselves on a list that would prevent them from purchasing a firearm. When they no longer have suicidal thoughts, they can remove themselves. Sounds great, huh? Except, California already has a 10-day waiting period. So, now your name is on a database of suicidal people. Let’s see how that list is used and abused.

Via Breitart:

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that Bonta’s bill comes despite the fact that California has a 10-day waiting period for firearm sales. That waiting period was ubiquitously put in place to prevent people from acquiring firearms with which to impulsively harm themselves or others. But Bonta pointed to a study which indicated Californians who take their own lives are simply doing so in the first week after the gun purchase is finalized.

Under Bonta’s bill, Californians who bar themselves from gun purchases would be able to recover their Second Amendment rights by demonstrating “they were no longer a danger to themselves or others.” He did not say what such a demonstration would entail.

South Dakota is trying real hard to end the concealed carry permit requirement:

Via SDPB.org:

The Senate Judiciary committee is passing an almost identical bill from last year that allows permit-less carry of a concealed pistol.

Senate Bill 104 removes the Class 1 misdemeanor and other charges for carrying without a permit.

Republican State Senator Lance Russell is sponsoring the legislation that he and other supporters call “constitutional carry.” A similar bill garnered considerable debate last year. The governor ultimately vetoed the bill. The legislature was unable to override the veto.

A Republican Governor vetoed the bill last year and a Republican State Senator opposes the bill:

Republican State Senator Arthur Rusch was a States Attorney in Clay County from 1973 until 1985. He says over the course of his tenure he never prosecuted a case where someone was jailed for accidentally concealing a gun.

“I don’t believe that the remedy to our violent society is for everybody to be carrying guns,” Rusch says. “I think that will merely exacerbate the problem.”

Change the “R” to a “D” and be honest with yourselves.

Kansas lawmakers are going in the right direction:

Via The Kansas City Star:

TOPEKA: People as young as 18 could carry concealed weapons under a bill advanced in the Kansas House on Thursday.

Currently, people must be 21 or older to have a concealed weapon.

But the Democrats don’t agree:

Opponents of the measure voiced concern that people that age are not mature enough to handle a concealed weapon.

“The simple fact is that folks who are in that age group, in my judgment, are not old enough to be drinking liquor, they’re not old enough to be drinking beer, and probably should not be carrying firearms,” said Rep. John Carmichael, D-Wichita.

A permit would be required, but anything is better than nothing.

National Reciprocity is closer than ever:


The Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act has already passed the House with a bipartisan majority. Your NRA is now laying the groundwork for success in the Senate. We’re ensuring every Senate office knows where we stand on this landmark legislation for gun owners. We’re dispelling misinformation and providing the facts that support the necessity of the bill. We’re telling the stories of decent, upstanding Americans’ whose lives were turned upside by the status quo, which empowers anti-gun states to trample on the rights of good people so anti-gun politicians and bureaucrats can advance their own ambitions.

Thank G_d the act doesn’t have anything to do with bumpstocks.

The List of Links:

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Of course, they do.

And the list goes on…

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