2nd Amendment Right and Why You Should Utilize It


2nd AmendmentIf you’re reading this, you’re likely considering carrying a gun daily. If you’re on the fence about carrying a gun because you never have before this article will serve to educate you on the benefits of concealed carry and your 2nd Amendment rights.

Let’s talk more about that…

Here’s Why The 2nd Amendment is Important

Living in the United States we’re given many freedoms other people do not have. Unfortunately, our 2nd Amendment and gun control are becoming a more popular topic of discussion for reform. There’s a growing number of people in our nation that believe guns should be taken away.

You know the old saying… you won’t miss something until it’s gone. This applies to your right to bear arms. If we don’t actively use this right and let people sweep it away it’ll become more restrictive or even worse be taken away completely.

Some people honestly believe that making guns or certain guns illegal will stop criminals from having them. Because we all so well know that criminals are the ones that will be the ones to listen to the law and give up their weapons.

If you’re on the fence about carrying a gun listen to our 5 reasons why you should conceal carry below.

Here’s Why We Think You Should Carry Daily

If the 2nd Amendment alone isn’t enough of a reason to conceal carry here’s 5 more reasons.

1 – Personal Protection

The biggest reason to carry a gun on the daily and exercise your 2nd Amendment right is for your own personal protection. This gives you the ultimate ability to protect yourself and others around you. By simply carrying a gun on your side you could potentially save your life or someone else’s.

We live in a world where you don’t know what’s going to happen just going to your local gas station. While you’re there it could very well be robbed or held at gun point. One good person carrying a firearm will completely change those type of situations around.

2 – It Becomes a Hobby

Since you’re probably someone that’s on the fence about carrying a gun just know it quickly becomes a hobby. It becomes something you’ll love doing because it grows into a large part of your life. I’ve seen many people who never used guns that started carrying and it grow into the thing they loved to do most by going to shooting ranges.

It’s a fun activity and the perfect way to become a better shooter. If you’re a complete beginner I recommend going to your local shooting range for lessons and practice in a controlled environment.

3 – Self Confidence

Carrying a gun on your side gives you a different level of confidence. You’ll know that you have the ability to protect yourself if attacked and that gives you a warm feeling and controlled confidence. It shouldn’t make you cocky and that’s not what I’m saying here but you would feel different walking to your car at night in an unknown place compared to not carrying a gun.

4 – A Safer Society

Think about how much safer we would be as an entire country if everyone exercised their 2nd  Amendment right. If you knew everyone was carrying a gun would you feel safer? I know I sure would.

Take a moment to think like a criminal. What are the odds you would rob a store or try and commit a crime knowing everyone around you has a weapon? That person would take a second thought and be more likely to change their mind.

5 – It’s Your Right

Probably the simplest reason to conceal carry is because you have the right to do so. To tie everything back to my comments on exercising your 2nd Amendment right, just do it because you can. There’s really no reason not to carry a gun.

Even if you’re not carrying on your hip at all times there are vehicle holsters, quick access gun safes, and night stand safes that allow you to have a gun near you and accessible at all times.


That’s it for my spiel on concealed carry and utilizing your 2nd Amendment. If you were on the fence before I hope you’re leaning our way now and are a lot closer to carrying a firearm. It is a life changing experience if you’ve never carried regularly before.

Let us know what your opinion and thoughts on the 2nd Amendment are by starting a discussion with us and thank you for reading!

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Author Bio: Wesley blogs over at Gun Goals, a site dedicated to gun enthusiasts. Check out some of his scope related articles such as this one for the Ruger Long Range Rifle or FFP Rifle Scopes.


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