3 Best Aftermarket Glock Triggers


In the world of handguns, the Glock is top dog. Known for being reliable and a favorite duty pistol for law enforcement, it's safe to say they are the #1 handgun manufacturer in the market. Besides its reliability, another main reason for Glock's popularity is the plethora of aftermarket changes that can be made to customize your Glock. Fully customized Glocks can look completely different from their stock counterparts. Making them as unique as the user.

Not everyone wants the high-end custom Glock with a machined slide, custom stippled and shaved grip, new barrel, and all the other accouterments that can be changed. Many Glocks are loved by their owners as is, but one of the first things a Glock owner may want to change is the trigger. While the stock trigger is safe and reliable, it's also a bit heavy and gritty. For those who like an improved trigger, there are a ton of options. Glock triggers are easy to change and can be reasonable in price. Here are my top 3 favorites in the industry to help narrow down the search.

Apex Tactical Action Enhancement Trigger




Of all the triggers I've researched, the Apex Tactical has the top reviews and is recommended by everyone. The main reason is the ease of installation. It is a true, complete drop in trigger kit. Take out the existing trigger assembly and drop in the new parts. Its design is meant to reduce overall travel, provide a smooth uptake and reset, and gives you a crisp, clean trigger break. In most models, it will also reduce the overall trigger weight by 1 lb while still maintaining the factory trigger safety. It's available in your choice of red, blue, purple or black and can be purchased for most Gen 3 thru 5 Glocks. While it is not compatible with every model of Glock (like the 10mm Glock), it is compatible with the most popular models in the market (9mm, 40 cal, etc.). By having a reduction in only 1 lb in trigger weight, cleaning up and shortening the travel of the trigger and maintaining factory trigger safety, this would make an excellent upgrade for your duty or carry gun without sacrificing safety. Retailing for between $99.95 to $129.95 the value is well worth the price.

Zev Fulcrum Ultimate Trigger




Zev has a full line of triggers to choose from when it comes to the Glock and is available for Gens 1 thru 4. The most popular is their Ultimate trigger with adjustable pre-travel and over-travel. This trigger is recommended and most commonly used for competition pistols, not carry guns. The trigger assembly itself is made from 6061 T6 Aluminum. While the color is stock black, options for the trigger pad gives you either a flat face or rounded face and a choice of red or black safety bar. One of the other features is a broader trigger pad and safety bar to give the shooter more purchase area for more consistent performance. Per their website, the trigger "reduces travel and provides a professional, crisp trigger pull while keeping all factory Glock safeties intact." With the improvements in the trigger pad and the adjustability of the travel, it's no wonder why this trigger is popular with competition shooters. It's an improvement on the parts and capable of being tuned to the shooter. Also considered a "drop-in" trigger, it's an easy install for the average enthusiast. Retailing for $255 ($260 for the larger 10mm) it is not the cheapest. However, with the abilities it provides, it is highly recommended for the competition shooter looking to upgrade.

Overwatch Precision Tac Trigger




Overwatch Precision used some smart engineering for their trigger that set them apart from the rest. The two things that stuck out with me as a reason to buy is the finish they used on the moving parts and the shape and design of the trigger pad itself. The trigger bar and connector are both NP3 plated for the process's corrosive resistance and smooth finish. If you've never had the opportunity to feel or use a part that has been NP3 plated, I highly recommend it. The surface is incredibly hard, which makes it virtually corrosion proof and scratch proof. It's also incredibly smooth, almost to the point of feeling like it's forever lubricated. What this translates to is a loss of that gritty, rough feeling that stock triggers have creating a smooth, clean break everyone enjoys. The trigger pad is a flat face trigger but with a small index lip at the bottom. Flat triggers are great in helping shooters maintain a smooth, straight, rearward pull for a consistent trigger squeeze. The index lip keeps the finger in the proper location to consistently engage the safety bar without slippage. For those with smaller hands or shorter fingers (like myself), this greatly aids in indexing the trigger correctly.

However, many with bigger hands find the flat trigger more challenging to manipulate without having their fingers slip off the safety bar while firing. With the index lip at the bottom, even shooters with larger hands can use this trigger consistently and benefit from the design of the flat trigger. The rest of the parts are made of either 7075 T6 Aluminum or stainless steel, which means you can trust these parts to last a lifetime. This is why Overwatch boasts its "Forever" warranty on their products. The trigger also reduces overall pull by approximately ½ to ¾ lb and is available for most Gen 3 thru 5 Glocks. Without a doubt, an excellent trigger that will improve your shooting and upgrade your pistol. Retailing around $135, the price and quality make this my personal #1 choice.


Now I know that this is only 3 out of many to choose from. I would also be remised if I didn't at least mention the fact that with some polishing of factory parts and a Lone Wolf 3.5 lb connector (a $15 part) you can improve the existing trigger on a budget. I still appreciate a well-engineered replacement that would vastly improve on the performance of a favorite gun. Triggers are critical and making them smooth, and consistent will significantly improve your day at the range. If you love your Glock, maybe it's time to show that love and upgrade the bang switch. You won't be disappointed.

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  1. Please look at McNally triggers by 5 time Olympian himself. Join McNally. I personally have used standard Glock triggers up to $250 triggers and McNally triggers are right there in the middle price wise but the best trigger by far I have ever used.

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