5.11 Tactical Breaching System ’12


The folks over at 5.11 Tactical are up to it again. This time they’re knocking down doors and smashing windows with entirely an new set of breaching tools and devices.

This new type of breaching method was realized by the team by the team at Sweden Entry Tools (S.E.T.). Rescue and law enforcement personnel can now breach inward and outward opening security doors with maximum stealth and speed while maintaining minimum exposure.

The 5.11 Breaching Tool System will launch with a range of four tools: the Mini Ram, a compact Multi Pry, a Multi Sledge and the full-sized Multi Breacher. The training kit also comes with the Multi Door which serves as a training tool.

Future releases of the breaching system will include a Middle Ram, Heavy Ram, Break´n Rake, Edge Bender and other advanced entry tools.

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