A Look Inside at Tactical Tailor


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[dcs_fancy_header color=”#000000″ fweight=”bold”]Since my last visit a few years ago, Tactical Tailor has moved into a much larger facility and they’ve expanded production and capabilities. So on this day, a rainy day in Washington State, on the famous I-5 in a trusty Zipcar armed only with a Canon 60D and an iPhone, I set my course for Tactical Tailor with my sights on a factory tour.[/dcs_fancy_header]

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Tactical Tailor, Inc. is a very well-known tactical gear manufacturer based in Lakewood, Washington near Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM). Servicemen and women, officers on duty and private professionals around the world wear Tactical Tailor gear, often depending upon it in hostile battlefield scenarios. It’s top of the line gear made for warriors who demand the best functional products.

Supporting more than 100 jobs, operating their own “Made in the USA” factory, a full-service retail and custom shop, and a global dealer network, Tactical Tailor has been busy growing at a rapid pace. Largely due to a product I’m sure you know well, their patented ‘MALICE Clip’ is the backbone of the TT product line and is integrated into the majority of their gear. From backpacks, vests and plate carriers to belts, wallets and pouches, if you’ve tried any of the products manufactured at Tactical Tailor we’re sure you already understand and appreciate the products and the craftsmanship that that stand behind the brand.

Today’s tour was at the warehouse, a part of the company that most don’t get to see anymore now that this part of the business has moved into its larger, more facilitating location. It was truly impressive to see all the gems of the TT product line laid out on warehouse shelves, ripe for the picking!

I was especially intrigued by our visit to the research and development department where we saw all types of interesting projects, ideas and collaborations. This is where Tactical Tailor thrives and it was obvious as I looked at the full wall of prototypes, both old and new, failed and successful, which continue to inspire and influence superior creativity at Tactical Tailor.

No doubt the folks at Tactical Tailor make the good stuff and they’re passionate about doing it. Celebrating creativity and success, we saw several movie posters proudly displayed in frames representing the dozens of motion pictures and famous actors and actresses who’ve outfitted in Tactical Tailor gear for the cameras. It’s an exciting time at an exciting company that is dedicated to innovation and craftsmanship, and to supporting America’s warriors, freedom protectors and veterans.

Be sure and take a few minutes to browse their website and discover the purpose-built arsenal of tactical products that are helping warriors on the battlefield stay safer and fight harder.

Thank you, Tactical Tailor, for hosting our visit and for sharing your story. We’re looking forward to more of your success!

View photo set on Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/gunsandtactics/sets/72157633168625287/

About Tactical Tailor

Tactical Tailor, Inc. provides quality tactical gear for military and law enforcement. Tactical Tailor products are proudly “Made in the USA.” To learn more about the company history, products and mission, visit their website at www.tacticaltailor.com