Actor Michael Enright Fights ISIS with Kurdish Militia **Updated**



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June 5th, 2015 Update

A fellow American also fighting ISIS with the Kurds is speaking out about Michael Enright. A recent Facebook post by Jordan Matson shows the frustration he and the Kurdish fighters are feeling.

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51 year old actor Michael Enright has played a tough guy for Hollywood before. Now, he’s actually being a tough guy in real life.

He says he has turned his back on the glamour of Tinseltown to join the desperate fight against the terrorists of Islamic State, propelled into real-life action by their barbaric slaughter of Western hostages.

Now, instead of mixing with A-listers such as Cruise and Anne Hathaway at Hollywood parties, 51-year-old Enright, who has no military background, sleeps in the Syrian mountains, his Kalashnikov rifle constantly at his side.

And he knows that the perilous journey he made to join the rag-tag, poorly-equipped YPG Kurdish rebels in the Sinjar mountains of northern Syria might be a one-way ticket.

His determination to try to halt the murderous march of IS across Iraq and Syria began to crystalise after the beheading of American journalist James Foley last August by the notorious British killer Jihadi John.

The actor isn’t just a pretty-boy spokesman. He is actually training and fighting with the Kurds.

The actor said that he has endured punishing physical training with the YPG, as well as learning how to assemble and dismantle a Kalashnikov blindfolded, so that he can do it in the dead of night on the front line.

Like all other rebel fighters, he sleeps in full uniform on a mat on the floor with his loaded rifle next to him, in case of an attack. "You sleep in your uniform, you wear it 24 hours a day," he said. "You’ll sleep next to your Kalashnikov. I call mine Olga, because she’s Romanian. It’s my constant companion, so I gave her a name."


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Daily Mail

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