Takes Aim at YouTube


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[/dcs_img_right], an airsoft supplier to customers around the country for the past 8 years, is announcing the launch of its very own YouTube Channel, AirRattleTV. Airsoft enthusiasts will now have the opportunity to see airsoft gun reviews, how-to videos, giveaways and more by visiting this new channel dedicated solely to the growing sport of airsoft.

Airsoft is a competitive recreational sport and hobby in which players use replica firearms known as airsoft guns, loaded with spherical, non-metallic pellets commonly referred to as airsoft bbs to eliminate their competitors. Participants are typically divided up into teams and engage in war-game type skirmishes modeled after modern police and military practices. However, you don’t have to participate in a military type skirmish to enjoy the sport of airsoft.

Due to the nature of this game, safety gear and high quality airsoft equipment is essential to game-play, as well as to the safety and enjoyment of participants. AirRattle is not only one of the largest online vendors in the industry, but an airsoft community resource as well, providing a wide array of information pertaining to airsoft gear, guns and more.

Additionally, AirRattleTV features airsoft gun reviews that give the consumer a chance to see the weapon in action. When researching airsoft guns, players no longer have to rely solely on client reviews alone, they can actually watch someone else use the weapon providing a much better idea of how accurate it is and what its strengths and weaknesses are.

AirRattleTV represents AirRattle’s willingness to embrace the airsoft community at large. The channel has been live for a very short time and already community members have posted their own videos, with responses and comments from AirRattle itself. The new YouTube channel provides an avenue of communication and interaction for airsoft enthusiasts around the country. Some of the videos focus on client’s personal experiences, opinions on how to do things or which airsoft guns to buy and what people do and do not like about one type of airsoft gun vs another.

AirRattleTV is live and promises to be an exciting channel for any and all airsoft enthusiasts.