Airsoft Tips & Tactics: Shooting Positions


Airsoft guns should be treated with the same rules and caution as a real firearm. In fact, they should be treated in most every way as a real firearm, only this one is powered by an electric motor and fires different ammunition. All the more a reason to learn proper safety, handling and shooting positions.

In this video from Rainbow Airsoft, learn proper techniques for standing, kneeling and prone shooting positons.


  1. A world war two airsoft gun is legal in most countries and a person doesn’t have to have a license either. These guns will fire and the flame coming from the muzzle is real but they don’t actually shoot a projectile. It will discharge the cartridge but there isn’t anything in the cartridge that comes out of the barrel. Many of the world war two airsoft guns are fully automatic and depending on the gun, might also have some recoil.-

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  2. Another great world war two airsoft gun that is a replica piece is the M1 Garand semi automatic replica gun. The M1 Garand was made to chamber the 30-06 round and was accurate to about four hundred meters. The world war two airsoft gun is built with full metal parts and a real wood stock. It looks exactly like what it was modeled after. The M1 Garand can be purchased for around nine hundred dollars to about nine hundred fifty dollars depending on what equipment comes with the gun.-

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  3. Playing airsoft had been my interest for the last few years. I really enjoy all the different configurations and model of firarms. I am also an addict on airsoft accesory, i really love it.

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