All SCAR’d Up


Upgrading the SCAR 16 with the Geissele Super SCAR Trigger pack.

I finally bought a FNH SCAR 16 (light) and 17 (heavy) now that all the crazy prices have made there way back to normal. One of the first things I planned to do was install the SCAR 25 Magnesium lower from Handl Defense so it would accept SR25 mags, but that is going to have to wait until I can recover from buying both to begin with.

I opted to put my money into a trigger since it makes a noticeable difference in performance and the cost vs. benefit is usually pretty good. I am pretty novice when it comes to the SCAR platform as I have spent most of my time playing with ARs, so I was a little apprehensive to install the SCAR trigger myself.

My go-to trigger for AR’s has been CMC for the most part, but they don’t offer a SCAR trigger. After a little research, I found offerings from Timney and Geissele. Both of these companies have a long history in making some of the best triggers. I opted to go with Geissele Super SCAR trigger because they make the only 2-stage SCAR trigger and 2-stage is what I wanted as I plan to do more shooting for accuracy rather than spray-and-pray. I have always had great experiences with Geissele triggers and have a lot of respect for the attention to detail, design and quality.

Because the SCAR market is somewhat of a niche market, it can sometimes be tough to find parts in-stock. Luckily, Geissele had it in stock and the trigger arrived in 3-days.

Again, being a SCAR novice, I was a little timid about installing the trigger, but I took my time and followed the very well written instructions. For those who are more of a visual learner, here’s a simple video install walk-thru with founder, Bill Geissele.

Installation was actually much easier than I thought it would be. It is a little bit more involved than an AR trigger install, but all-in-all was pretty simple as long as you follow the order laid out in the instructions or video.

The Geissele Super SCAR is a 2-stage 4.5lb. non-adjustable combat trigger. It feels amazing compared to the factory trigger, which varies from gun-to-gun in the 6-9lb range. The trigger is not marginally different from the stock, it is a vast improvement and sending rounds down range feels much better. The SUPER SCAR trigger is truly a precision piece of hardware.

Geissele states the Super SCAR is designed to work with the factory FN polymer housing only and does not recommend installing into any aftermarket trigger housing. Screw that, I am definitely going to be installing it in my Handl Magnesium SR25 lower. In the meantime, I ordered a 2nd one for my SCAR 17 as it truly made a huge difference in the handling, performance and accuracy on my 16.

"The SCAR is an awesome platform for adding some practical upgrades that will improve not only its performance, but also the reliability."

At the range, the trigger was a huge improvement over the factory pull and reset was noticeably shorter and pronounced. I found my shots to be much faster and getting on target was quicker.

I can’t speak highly enough about Geissele’s quality, ease of installation and performance. If you own a SCAR, they are definitely worth looking at. Compared to the Timney, they are priced about the same at $325, which is a little hefty if your buying more than one, but it is a one-time upgrade you won’t regret.

For more information, check out the Geissele website. You can also keep up with Geissele on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

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