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Recently I found the America Grip products on my desk and an email from the president of the company, Dan Barnhart. That email told me all I needed to know about the company and the people behind it; all products made right here in the USA. Barnhart, a Texas National Guardsmen, stated, "I make everything in the US because I choose to… It allows me to employ people here and I can offer a better quality product with a faster turn around time in delivery." Barnhart takes it a step further and works with fellow veteran-owned businesses for the kydex sheaths.

Barnhart went on to explain where this all started. While in Iraq, he realized they were always short on hand tools because they were borrowed and never returned: left in a rucksack, in an armored vehicle or just did not perform well. From this, an idea was born to make a lighter, more versatile, cost-effective option. Barnhart elected to stick to simplicity in design to ensure dependability. America Grip, developed from these ideals, turned out to be the answer.

All of this hype before I even took the product out of its packaging; America Grip did not disappoint.


Screws and nuts come loose on weapons; every shooter has experienced this. Even with thread lock things happen. Murphy’s Law suggests that if it can happen then it is likely to happen at the worst possible time. Will they loosen at your tool bench on a warm summer day? Probably not. Far more likely for it to happen in the field, far away from everything. The America Grip Tool Grip™ provides the ability to bring the right tools with you, maybe even mounted to your weapon. The Tool Grip™ is easy to use and comes with four grip panels and eight bits. If two grip panels are too small for your hands or you just need more leverage then stack the sections together and you have created a longer handle. The fine diamond texture on the high strength polymer allows for a no slip grip with or without gloves. If some of the eight bits are just not the ones you commonly use then no problem. Replace them with any 2" long ¼" standard tool bits. Add an extension and your reach is even further. Place the bit on either side of the grip and torque away. Put the bit in the center port and overtighting is a thing of the past. The cleverly designed Grip will snap apart as you attempt to torque the screw down keeping you from stripping or damaging your sensitive weapon parts.

This tool grip is not just for use with the picatinny rail. No picatinny? No problem. Throw this thing in your pack, range bag, tackle box, truck etc. and you’re good to go.

And don’t worry if you can’t quite figure out how to assemble or disassemble the grip for the first few times because it comes with a handy, simple instruction manual.

Tool Grip™ Specs:

  • Weight 0.20 LBS
  • Made in the USA of rugged ABS plastic
  • Diamond pattern grip texture provides a sure, long lasting hold
  • Each set contains four (4) grip panels
  • Each set comes with eight carefully selected 2" hex bit tools:
  • P1 Phillips
  • P2 Phillips
  • 8-10 Slot (Flat Head)
  • #1 Robertson (Square Head Punch)
  • T10 Star
  • T15 Star
  • T20 Star
  • T25 Star

Available in black, coyote brown and olive drab.


The Dagger takes a simple multi tool to another level. Endlessly simple and well priced the Dagger does so much while taking up so little. Carbon scraping for multiple areas including the firing pin and bolt. Sight adjustments and case extraction with the tapered and contoured blade end. The Dagger also takes on the ever-problematic case head separation removal. This Dagger already has multiple uses, maybe you find even more. This little guy is a must on the range and ready for EDC.


Dagger Specs:

  • Weight 0.20 LBS
  • Made in the USA of Rugged Stainless Steel
  • Compatible with Most Optics to Include Aimpoint Optics (T-1 & T-2)
  • Magpul Accessory Compatible
  • Double Feed Clearing Blade
  • Tined Brass Hook to Remove Failed Brass Casings
  • Carbon Scraper
  • Central Lanyard Hole
  • Key Chain / Para Chord Loop Hole
  • V-Notch Firing Pin Scraper


These simple but effective tools will have you saying, "Why did I not think of this?" Not just for firearms, the America Grip tool line has entered the realm of genius. Given its convenient portability, my set will be with me from now on.

This is a stocking stuffer worth every penny.

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