AmmoMan Introduces Online Shot Group Analyzer

Free Online Tool Offers Shooters Best Measurement of Accuracy


NASHUA, N.H. — is launching the Shot Group Analyzer – a free online tool that helps shooters measure their accuracy quickly, easily and definitively.

Most shooters currently assess their accuracy by measuring their shot group’s extreme spread. While measuring the distance between the two most widely separated holes in a shot group is convenient, it is a significantly less valid measure of accuracy than the median radius.

Long used by the United States Armed Forces to assess marksmanship and ammunition performance, mean radius reflects the average distance of all shots from the center of a group. Traditionally a shooter calculating mean radius would have to measure the vertical distances of all shots above an arbitrarily chosen horizontal line, average those measurements, measure the horizontal distances of all shots to the side of an arbitrarily chosen vertical line, average those measurements, use those measurements to determine the group center, measure the distances of all shots from the group center, and finally average those measurements.

Needless to say, calculating mean radius is an unpopular exercise among even the most serious shooters. But thanks to AmmoMan’s Shot Group Analyzer, now anyone can determine their shot group’s mean radius without measurement or arithmetic.

“We designed our Shot Group Analyzer so new and experienced shooters alike can track their progress and get more value from their time at the range,” said Kevin Creighton, the Executive Editor of the School of Guns at “All you have to do is upload a photo of your target, click or tap your aiming point, set the scale of your target, and then click or tap each of your shots. The Shot Group Analyzer will instantly calculate your spread, group, and offset data as well as track the number of shots you fired.”

“Up until now, calculating the mean radius of your shot groups was time-consuming and difficult. The Shot Group Analyzer makes this extremely useful measurement of accuracy available to anyone with a smartphone, tablet or computer. It’s our hope that it will help make better shooters.” is based in Nashua, New Hampshire. Founded in 1998, they are one of the world’s oldest online ammunition retailers and currently supply millions of rounds annually to consumers throughout the contiguous United States. The AmmoMan School of Guns Blog regularly updates with firearm reviews, ammo reviews, and tips for well-informed shooters.

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