Getting a GRIP on the AR Market


New parts are coming to market so fast these days, it’s hard to keep up. So we’ve decided to show upgrade options for your AR15/AR10. Everything from wild to mild, boring to bling, cool to downright dumb, if it’s new, G&T will take a look at it.

When upgrading my ARs, I tend to start with improving functionality and then move onto cosmetics. The first question I ask myself is ‘What is the purpose of this rifle?’ With prices at an all time low, many can start considering having several ARs for different purposes. One for defense, one for long range, one for CQB, one for the range, one for the wife, one for bling… we like our ARs.

I recently stumbled upon Executive Ordnance, the makers of custom G-10 AR grips. Each grip starts with a block of 7075-billet aluminum that is machined into a slim hollowed out grip frame. G-10 interchangeable grip panels are machined into scales that fit the 7075 frame.

The G-10 grip panels are available in several color combinations. Black, Coyote, OD, OD/Black, Brown/Black, Orange/Black. Executive Ordnance was kind enough to send us a few samples to try out.

The first thing the staff at G&T noticed upon removing the EO grips from the box was the weight. The complete grip assembly weighs in at 6.5 ounces. For comparison, a standard A2 plastic grip weighs 3.2 oz and a Magpul MIAD is 4.2 oz. While it feels heavy in your hand, it also feels very solid. Probably not the first choice if building the lightest AR possible, but then again, what is 2 oz for a normal build.

MSRP comes in a around $149 which is a little pricey considering a decent aftermarket grip may run you $30 to $40. An important question is "Does it provide any more function than other grips?" No, but this grip isn’t for everyone. This is a special grip. You have to admit, it does look pretty cool.

If they can get the grip down into sub $80 price point, I think they would have a real winner. Until then, this upgrade will be one that only the cool kids have.

For more info, check out Executive Ordnance at Executive Ordinance. Be sure to find them on Facebook, too!

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