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EAGLElement reviews the Battle Systems MPIL, an extremely lightweight (1oz) and truly a multifaceted friendly marking device.

Battle Systems LLC founder Jake O’Dell believes in providing the combat arms community products that are light, compact-able, useful, and most importantly affordable. Jake spent 3 hard hitting deployments as an Infantryman in the U.S. Marine Corps. Two of his three deployments were spent in Iraq, but the harsh terrain in and around the Kunar Province of Afghanistan demanded his attention, and provided him the opportunity to develop better ways of outfitting the modern day warfighter. One of the applications he found over engineered for individual use was the VS-17 signal panel. He noticed users would cut them down to individual sizes making them more compact and allowing more operators on a team to use them. His observation continued and concluded the material and size where still not conducive to his requirements. This is where the idea for the Battle Systems Marker Panel, Individual, LW or MPIL came from.

Battle Systems MPIL is an extremely lightweight (1oz) and truly a multifaceted friendly marking device. The panel can be folded into 2.5” X 2.5” ¾” and when deployed it opens up into a 17” X 17” square. Genuine gutted paracord loops are sewn into each corner and allow users to attached the panel to a multitude of exterior surfaces using lightweight clips like ITW Grimlocs or Large Poli Bina Clips. On both sides and centered in the middle of the panel is a 2” X 2” Velcro loop field that allows additional active marking options like an *IR patch. Battle Systems is currently working with Bright Strike to create an active IR beacon and an active visible light beacon that would adhere to the existing Velcro patch.

The primary color combo is High Visibility (HiViz) Orange and HiViz Pink. Understanding not everyone needs two HiViz colors, Jake decided to design other versatile color options at a lesser cost than the standard MPILs. These are identical in every way to the standard MPIL except the HiViz pink side has been changed to a sheer Coyote-ish or MultiCam®. Jake plans on producing panels in original A-TAC, A-TACS AU (Arid/Urban) and A-TACS FG (Foliage Green) Camo patterns. Additionally he plans to do a limited run of ACU, Woodland MARPAT, Desert MARPAT, and woodland BDU.

The panel is an individual, lightweight system that provides numerous options. I’m very familiar with this application, and given the unit cost, it just make sense for every operator to have one of these in their first line gear. Having more marker panels gives a team the flexibility to have anyone mark when needed and allows a team to develop multiple shapes and figures. If you’re looking for an application that is affordable and immediately usable check out Battle Systems MPIL.

5 things you need to know about the MPIL and Battle Systems
  1. Get your MPIL at the ITS Tactical online store.
  2. Battle Systems LLC is a Veteran owned company located in Washington State.
  3. Robinson Windword, Inc. also located in Washington State manufactures all MPIL configurations for Battle Systems.
  4. Battle Systems LLC also has Coyote Brown Vinyl Tape that is superior to other options and more cost effective.
  5. Jake is prototyping other sizes and colors for future MPILs.

*IR Patches are a International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) controlled item.

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