Best April Fools of 2019

We searched the interwebs for the best April Fool's humor we could find. Check out this post for some of our favorites!


Magpul Polymer Waffle Maker

First up… This April Fools’ joke is right on point. Posted on the high-tech polymer and composite firearms accessory giant’s Facebook page and Instagram, the post reads “You’ll stop skipping breakfast.” The photo says the rest. Dear Magpul, we really wish this were a real thing!

BRN-134D™ Minigun

Next… Brownells gets us good with their debut of the new BRN-134D™ Minigun priced just for April Fools’ Day at $125,000.

The post reads: In this special edition of our weekly Brownells new products vlog, Paul Levy shows us the new BRN-134D™ Minigun. Developed in partnership Dillon Aero, the BRN-134D is the latest addition to Brownells line of detail-correct semi-auto clones of military firearms. It sports all the standard Minigun features: rotary barrel system with 6 ordnance-grade steel barrels chambered in 7.62×51 NATO, electric-powered motor, disintegrating link feed chute, and a 3,000 round ammo box. The BRN-134D comes with a Picatinny rail up top for the red dot or scope of your choice (optic not included) and an aircraft-mountable stand of rugged, powder-coated steel (included). The price? Surprisingly reasonable!

Get Out Of Jail Free Card

Finally, the Joliet Police Department in Illinois have really found a way to build trust with select members of the community. The post on their Facebook page this morning reads: Today only, stop by our station to pick up a “Get Out Of Jail Free” card! If you have a warrant, come on in and one of our officers can take care of that for you as well!

Tell us, what were your favorite April Fools’ jokes this year? Send us a message on our Facebook page or Instagram.

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