Let’s face it one of the best parts about owning an AR15 is the ability to customize all of the parts to get the rifle exactly how you want it. There are simple things that can go a long way to make shooting your favorite rifle even better. This list will go over some products to give you enhancement ideas to make your AR15 great all over again!

Where to start? With the AR you can literally cherry pick every piece, component, part and package. We could go over everything but assuming you already own a rifle two places to start with are grips and triggers. While this will seem biased towards your fire control hand, the reality is you benefit from these upgrades every single time you head to the range. Some parts you may use on certain drills, others on certain manipulations, but a solid grip and nice trigger are appreciated all of the time and often gives the first and overall impression of your rifle.

In the future we will also talk about our favorite charging handles, furniture, muzzle devices, optics and oh my the list can go on and on.


First lets talk about this simple piece of plastic (or aluminum), it is truly something you utilize and connect with every single time you handle and shoot your rifle. If you are still using the stock original government style A2 grip, throw that thing in the trash and upgrade now. Seriously those grips are gross, throw it away. Newer grips not only have improved texture, ergonomics and strength they can also add a more modern look to your rifle as well. Here are some of our favorites:

Magpul MOE K2 Grip

  • Magpul MOE K2 Grip – This grips offers a more vertical grip angle and ergonomics for shooters that aren’t stuck in the 1970’s weaver shooting stance.  Modern shooters need a modern grip and this fits the bill well. Solid angle, solid texture, and coming in several colors from basic black to some natural colors it is hard to beat.  Last, the bottom cap is removable allowing for a small storage area.  Not to mention a low street price of less than $25!

Check out the Magpul MOE K2 Grip Here

BCM Gunfighter Grip MOD 2 Modular

  • BCM Gunfighter Grip MOD 2 Modular – This grip while costing a little more money gives you some modular customization, hence the name.  This grip offers a great angle for comfort for the modern shooter plus gives you interchangeable back straps because all of us don’t have the same size hands.  Additionally, a front strap option gives you the choice of a smooth front strap or a duckbill cover that fills the annoying gap from USGI trigger guards.  Speaking of which, if you still run a stock trigger guard get rid of that too and upgrade that while you are changing out your grip.  The BCM grip also offers storage by means of a hinged floor plate.  All this for under $30.

Check out the BCM MOD 2 Grip Here

Battle Arms Development Adjustable Tactical Grip

  • Battle Arms Development Adjustable Tactical Grip – If you don’t want a grip telling you what angle is best than this grip is for you.  You can pick between the most proven angles of grips from more vertical to traditional and lock it down on your favorite.  The texture is simple but effective and comes in three different colors, black, grey and FDE.

Check out the Battle Arms Tactical Grip Here

Tyrant Design MOD Grip

  • Tyrant Designs MOD Grip – For the shooter that wants to go all out and price is no limit to achieve the ultimate sweet looking AR, here you go.  Machined from 7075 and then finished in a variety of anodized colors this grip has all the right curves in all the right places.  The front and rear polymer straps offer a solid grip and come in a variety of options for the best ergonomic and visual upgrade arguably one can get for their rifle.  While this isn’t the cheapest grip on the list, quality machining takes time and time is money.  For that unique look, feel and to make sure you are one up on the Jones’ this is your grip at around $100.

Check out the Tyrant Designs MOD Grip Here


Now that you have a sweet new grip picked out, one of my favorite AR upgrades is the trigger. The trigger can often make your shooting experience go from meh to yay with the nice, clean break of a great trigger. Many shooters will also argue that by ditching the crappy, heavy, gritty  mil-spec trigger your accuracy can also improve as you aren’t fighting the trigger.  Seriously, if you ever pick up a rifle with a nice trigger you won’t go back.  We give you a variety of options for all budgets with some of out trigger picks.

ALG Defense Quality Mil-Spec Trigger

  • ALG Defense Quality Mil-Spec Trigger – Wait didn’t you just say ditch that Mil-spec trigger?  Yes, but this trigger is a worked over and improved mil-spec type trigger coming in at under $50.  This is lighter, smoother and has all of the grit taken out to give you one of the best mil-spec triggers on the market.  If you have a restriction that requires mil-spec components or are on a limited budget this fits the bill perfectly.

Check out the ALG Trigger Here

JMT Black Ops Straight Single Stage Trigger

  • JMT Black Ops Straight Single Stage Trigger – This complete drop in trigger with anti-rotation pins is easily one of the Best Buy’s in AR triggers on the market. Under $100 this gives you a short, crisp break at 3.5-4 pounds all of the time.  No fuss, no muss just drop it in and go.

Check out the JMT Trigger Here

CMC Single Stage Flat Trigger

  • CMC Triggers Single Stage Flat – If you are looking a reliable crisp trigger with a unique flat trigger shoe that feels great to the touch, boom you are set. CMC Triggers has been making triggers for a long time and they have earned the reputation they have.  This is set at a nice 3.5 lb break weight with their legendary super smooth break with a positive reset.  They also use a Rocket Wire hammer spring for a controlled weight and function even with military ammunition.  At $167.99 this isn’t the cheapest trigger out there but most CMC Trigger owners don’t just have one.

Check out the CMC Trigger Here

JP Fire Control Module with Roller Back Trigger

  • JP Fire Control Module with Roller Back Trigger – Truly something unique, this complete drop in trigger group gives you a roller post trigger.  While it may be different, the roller back forgives those less than perfect presses by rolling with the flow and breaking the shot without moving the sights.  Competition shooters have been raving about this trigger and their podium finishes at major 3gun and rifle matches are tough to argue with.  JP is known for making Ferrari level rifles and components and this is no exception. At $314 retail this defiantly will set you back, but of course championship match grade quality does have it’s price.

Check out the JP Trigger Here

Geissele Enhanced Combat Trigger SSA-E

  • Geissele Enhanced Combat Trigger SSA-E – Without a doubt Geissele Automatics makes some of the most rugged, reliable truly combat grade triggers in the world. Their two stage triggers have literally been on the front lines of battle and serve with a smile.  The SSA-E offers a light first stage, a reliable wall, and then a clean break on the second stage.  This thing is more reliable than a rock and is the best of its class.  At $240 they don’t give them away but if you are a serious shooter, you need a serious trigger and the Geissele is up to the task.

Check out the Geissele Trigger Here

We hope you found our grip and trigger list helpful in improving your rifle’s performance. These two parts can make a huge difference and make your rifle feel better and shoot better as you won’t be fighting a crappy trigger or grip.  Check out our other articles and if you have an idea or question make sure you drop us a line!

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