Best Beards to Rock for Movember


November is in full-swing, meaning that men all over the globe are participating in Movember or No-Shave November. These charities are spreading awareness for men’s health issues such as prostate cancer, colorectal cancer, mental health/suicide prevention and many others.

While active duty servicemen are not allowed to sport facial hair, many non-active operators and veterans have embraced the look, even going as far as starting communities surrounding the tactical beard. These communities encourage camaraderie and support, just like the charities raising awareness for men’s health. On top of these benefits of participating with like-minded individuals, wearing a beard has plenty of other benefits.

Beards can signal masculinity, maturity, and trust. However, beards can also signal a desired relationship status. Studies have shown that men with facial hair are perceived as more attractive. Furthermore, certain facial hair choices can signal to women what type of relationship you are best suited for.

Researchers from the Journal of Evolutionary Biology showed 8,520 women participants pictures of the same men with various levels of facial hair; the least desired look was clean-shaven. If you’re looking for either a physical or romantic relationship, something that may help is growing out some facial hair. But if you need another extra boost to seal the deal, Sildenafil and other ED treatments can make sure the whole team cooperates. After all, November is about raising awareness and dropping the stigma surrounding men’s health. 

Whether you want to support Movember/No-Shave November, or just sport some facial hair year round, there are choices to make. Once you’ve decided what signals you want to send, consult the following chart, and then pick what look will work best for you.

hims Beard Breakdown - Sexiest Styles for Men

If you want a face full of fuzz, there are plenty of beard variations to choose from. The “full beard” is definitely the most menacing, masculine, and overall badass style to choose from. But depending on your face shape and grooming preferences, the “chin-strap” or “extended goatee” work well too.

Perhaps, a mustache is more your thing. Luckily for you, celebrities have well-documented the looks. The “Chevron” is a great choice. Who wouldn’t want to be compared to Burt Reynolds? Or go with the “Horseshoe” if Hulk Hogan is your prefered look. Nevertheless, there are plenty of famous mustache options.

Finally, if you are stuck between both looks, go ahead and try a goatee. The goatee gives you more to work with than a mustache, but is more refined than a full beard. Regardless of your choice, if you want to rock some facial hair this November (and maybe many months to follow) consider actively participating in one of these charities or join a community where you can help spread awareness for men’s health.

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