Blacksheepwarrior Megiddo Rail Covers: Micarta Madness…and a dash of Keymod Derision


Every now and then, my writing takes a backseat, and I let the interviewees speak for themselves. Interestingly enough, I have never had an opportunity to put a piece into print with my friend Will from For those of you that don’t know, Will was the first editor to actually give me a shot, and my first real tactical gear reviews were published on the Blog. I am eternally grateful to Will for believing in me, and giving me a chance to voice my opinions when it comes to tactical kit out there. is comprised of active .mil and LE writers that review tactical products and weapon accessories for the market, and most of us strive towards a casual and approachable writing style for the everyday reader. I am honored to be included among the BSW writing team, and they are a great group of guys.

Will had promised me a shot at’s unique M-LOK rail covers. Will is unabashedly not a fan of Keymod. Why? I’m not really sure, because every time it comes up, he gets a little frothy around the mouth, so I leave him alone. That being said, as a current fulltime field officer himself, Will knows the importance of strong, sturdy, lightweight, and effective kit – so when BSW came up with their own M-LOK Rail Covers, best believe I perked up.

Will had this to say:

"The Idea for the Megiddo M-LOK Covers actually came to me while talking to an industry friend about the differences between the Key-Mod and Magpul M-LOK standards. As you know, I am not a fan of Keymod as a LE/MIL standard on the other hand, I am actually quite passionate about the potential of M-LOK to serve both communities as well as the civilian market. Most of this opinion is based on the physics surrounding the standards and the fact that M-LOK features a robust recoil lug system.

But I digress!

I believe that, at the time, there wasn’t much demand for M-LOK due to the lack of compatible accessories and it could also be argued that the industry was seeing, what appeared to be, a defensive marketing push by Keymod fan boys.

This coupled with the fact that the field was pretty much empty of competitors led me to pursue development of the Megiddo G10 M-LOK Covers.

Why Megiddo?

The name Megiddo comes from the Hebrew translation of Armageddon and the ancient fortress of Tel Megiddo in Israel is the location of the last battle referenced in the Biblical book of Revelations.

About the Covers:

They are made from G10 and Micarta (natural color that has a wider weave). The G10 we use is extremely heat resistant and is perfect for keeping your hands cool during fire.

They come in 1-4 slot configurations and currently they can be purchased separately which will change soon to simplify our product line.

The covers feature a grip texture that finds a balance of comfort and grip.

Currently they’re available in the following colors:

Black, OD Green, Coyote Tan, Black/Green Multi layer, Black/Gray Multi Layer, Pink, and Zombie or Neon Green.

All kits come with the appropriate number of bolts, M-LOK T-Nuts and an allen wrench.

Our newest and most exciting kit is the Megiddo M-LOK Grip Stop Kit for use with both generations of the Grip Stop. Interestingly, we worked with B5 Systems to make the grip texture match that of the current generation of Grip Stops. Currently available at and"

I have installed my current set of covers onto my Rainier Arms MOD3 SPR. The MLOK T-nuts mate up perfectly with the SLR Rifleworks rail, and the Megiddo covers line up against my B5 Systems Gripstop as well. The SPR is not a rifle to be run hot and heavy, I built it to start delving into the world of distance shooting, so I’m not going to be blasting away on it and just making noise. I will pick up more Megiddo Rail Covers for some of my more CQB-oriented builds in the near future specifically to see how they work for heat mitigation.

Check them out online at the aforementioned websites.

As always, I’ll report back with my findings, however I’d be surprised if they were anything less than stellar.

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