Brownells Premium Electronic Earmuffs 2.0 – $ 29.99


An Advanced Hearing-Protection Tool for Today's Shooters

Brownells enhanced its line of Premium Electronic Earmuffs with a second-generation variant for 2019, bringing the latest in hearing-protection technology to you at a price you can afford. These premium earmuffs incorporate dual microphones that amplify ambient noise while also suppressing noises that exceed hearing-safe levels.

Each pair of Brownells Premium Electronic Earmuffs can fold flat for easy storage, and a 3.5mm stereo input jack allows shooters to plug in their smartphones to play music or other audio while on the range. The muffs feature a brown color and include an adjustable headband, as well as an LED on/off indicator.


Brownells Premium Electronic Earmuffs 2.0




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