Camouflage your weapons and equipment with EC Paint


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[dcs_fancy_header bgcolor=”#ffffff” color=”#000000″ fweight=”bold”]NFM debuts EC Paint® demonstration video at Eurosatory 2014 in Paris, France.[/dcs_fancy_header]

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This year at the Eurosatory exhibition held in Paris, NFM Group from Norway has released their new promo video demonstration of EC Paint® – a day and night signature management solution. EC Paint® is a weapon and equipment paint that fits both daylight and IR needs.

The origin and reasons of developing the EC Paint® were requirements from European military units for a removable, easy applicable paint in the visual and NIR spectrum for weapons and other equipment. The EC Paint® is produced according to the European regulations for environment protection.

Here are some product facts:

  • Works for day and night conditions. It is NVG compliant.
  • EC Paint® dries in seconds. Weapon can be quickly adapted to area of operation.
  • Covers the equipment with smooth mat coating without shiny spots.
  • EC Paint is durable and heat resistant. It won’t peel of the barrel after hundred shots.
  • The paint doesn’t affect the material structure. It can be used for covering plastic and textiles.
  • Available in eight colors: Grey, White, Black, Coyote Brown, Forrest Green, Olive Drab, Mud Brown, Sand.
  • The product range features dedicated remover, that provides extremely easy and fast clean off.
  • EC Paint is delivered in 400ml spray cans and 5 Liter containers for vehicle application.

EC Paint has been selected by the British Army to respray all weapons systems for issue in Afghanistan.

For more information about SC Paint® visit,c.html.

The EC Paint® video was produced by Designed to Fight.

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